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The Basic Structure and Functions of Rotary Evaporator

Working Principle of a Rotary Evaporator A rotavap evaporates solvents from samples by utilizing the principle that the solvent will have a lower boiling point at a reduced pressure. Specifically speaking, the stepless speed regulation is adopted to make the evaporation flask rotate at a constant speed. By the rotation, materials can form a large […]

What are Major Cannabinoids in Cannabis?

As a kind of complicated plant, cannabis contains a great variety of distinct chemical compounds, such as cannabinoids, terpenes, lipids, flavonoids and other plant materials. Over 100 cannabinoids are found in cannabis, which have various beneficial effects, ranging from weight-loss to anti-anxiety. In order to have a better understanding of cannabinoids’ diversity, we will further […]

How to Troubleshoot a Planetary Ball Mill?

A planetary ball mill is particularly designed for crushing, grinding and dispersing metals, non-metals, organics, herbs and other powder. It is pretty suitable for laboratory research. Serving as a kind of grinding device, it utilizes the high speed rolling of grinding balls and sample materials to achieve the purposes of crushing, grinding and dispersing. When […]

What are Characteristics of Chromatography?

The chromatography technical refers to a kind of method for separating components of a mixture by utilizing the difference in performance of each component in two phases. It is considered as an essential way to separate and purify organic or inorganic substances. It is pretty effective for the separation of complicated mixtures, isomers or homologs […]

How do You Use a Glass Reactor?

The glass reactor is an ideal equipment for experiment and production in modern chemistry, fine chemical engineering, biopharmaceutical, new material synthesis and other fields. It can vacuumize and do stirring reaction at the same time after putting into reaction materials. The exterior water or oil bath can do heating reaction by adding water or oil, […]

What are Common Tablet Manufacturing Problems?

During the tablet manufacturing process, some common tablet problems may inevitably appear, such as weight difference and insufficient hardness of tablets. These problems may be caused by material or equipment. In any case, they always can influence the quality of tablets. Hence, people should discover problems in time and deal with them in the light […]

What are the Three Types of CBD?

Basic Information about CBD Name: Cannabidiol (CBD) Molecular Formula: C21H3002 Molecular Weight: 314.2238 Character: Golden Liquid Solubility: It is insoluble in water, but easily soluble in ethanol and methanol. Source: Industrial Hemp CBD is a kind of high value-added and non-toxic phenolic substance containing in the flowers and leaves of industrial hemp, which can be […]

How to Troubleshoot a Rotary Tablet Press?

The rotary tablet press serves as the main device for producing tablets in pharmaceutical field and even other fields. It features compact structure, stable performance, large output, easy cleaning, simple operation and other characteristics, which has extensive applications. If there is any trouble, it will seriously affect the production and bring loss to the enterprise, […]