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What is vacuum pump working principle

What is vacuum pump working principle Vacuum pump is supposed to remove gas with high-speed and high-efficiency from sealed containers, in order to achieve the purpose of generating, improving and maintaining vacuum. The working principle of a vacuum pump is that rotor rotates along the inside of the pump wall. The fixed wing will go […]

What is the purpose of the water bath in a rotary evaporator

 What is the purpose of using a rotary evaporator during an organic synthesis A rotary evaporator is a machine that can be used to separate substances effectively. This system can not only remove water from the materials, but also separate substances organically. Therefore, a rotary evaporator plays an important role during an organic synthesis.  Why […]

Why are chillers used

 What are chillers in buildings In chillers, there are several different types of chillers. Some chillers are to cool materials down, while some other chillers are to cool some construction work such as buildings down. During the construction process of buildings, chillers play an important role in cooling buildings down. The chillers in buildings can […]

What are the components of chilled water system

The components of chilled water system mainly includes these seven parts: the compressor, condenser, evaporator, expansion valve, power panel, controls unit and the water box. Besides these main components, there are also several bits and pieces of working parts in the chiller water system such as tubes.   What is the purpose of a chiller system […]

Where are chillers used

A chiller can be widely used in many fields, for example, construction field, industrial field, food-making field, chemical labs and other fields. Chillers can be used to cool materials down and also some buildings or equipment. Different types of chillers are used for different applications, which you need to pay attention to.   What are industrial […]

Can rotary evaporator remove water

 What is the purpose of the water bath in a rotary evaporator The water bath plays a important role in a rotary evaporator’s working process. The function of the water bath in a rotary evaporator is to get materials heated and evaporated. During the working process of a rotary evaporator, materials get heated and evaporated […]