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What is the Difference Between Craft Beer and Regular beer?

Under the background that the mass beer has gradually saturated, the high-end product tends to develop rapidly in the beer market. The craft beer grows significantly along with the craft beer market being favored by more and more people. It results from some key differences between craft beer and regular beer. Regular beer is generally […]

What is an Ultrasonic Reactor?

Introduction to Ultrasonic Reactor An ultrasonic reactor refers to a kind of reactor utilizing the ultrasonic as an enhancement aid. Equipped with the ultrasonic device, the reactor can save solvent, speed up the reaction process, and enhance both the extraction rate and the dissolution rate. What is an Ultrasonic Reactor Used for? An ultrasonic double […]

Rosin Heat Press

As its name suggests, the rosin heat press machine is a press device to extract rosin by utilizing heat as well as pressure. It is generally considered as the easiest and the most economical extraction technology, which is quite widely used both at people’s home and in commercial field. The following parts will further explain […]

How to Extract Essential Oils from Plants?

Essential Oils play an important role in people’s daily life. Not only are they anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and anti-viral, but they can be used to relief pressure, calm and ease people’s negative emotions, and reduce people’s anxiety and fear. So what are essential oils and how to extract them from plants? What are Essential Oils? Essential […]

What is Cannabis Distillation and How does it Work?

The cannabis is generally required to be further distilled after being extracted from the hemp plant in order to get a purer product with CBD or THC content of more than 90%. As the demands for cannabis distillation increases, it’s necessary to know what cannabis distillation is and how it works. What is Cannabis Distillation? […]

What is Air-Cooled Chiller & How does It Work?

What is an Air-Cooled Chiller? An air-cooled chiller is considered as one of the most common refrigeration systems used in a great variety of industries or for commercial purposes. Used as a single machine, it mainly refrigerates normal temperature water to a certain temperature through the chiller’s compressor in order to cool mould or machine […]

What is the purpose of the water bath in a rotary evaporator

What is a water bath Water bath uses high-quality electronic components, which has sensitive temperature control, reliable performance and is easy to use. Water bath can be widely used in biology, genetics, viruses, aquatic products, environmental protection, medicine, health, laboratories, analysis rooms, education and scientific research, and some other fields. Do not burn the water bath pot […]

Which Solvent is Best for Extraction?

The solvent extraction is generally applicable for large-scale extraction. There are a great variety of commonly used solvents, such as ethanol, CO2, hydrocarbons. Why so many solvents used for extraction? The cannabis and hemp plant can produce more than 100 various terpenes, flavonoids, cannabinoids, which is extremely complicated. And each of these components requires different […]