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Operation Procedures of Short Path Molecular Distillation

Generally, the short path distillation equipment has passed the strict hydrostatic test and trial operation before leaving factory, whose indicators all meet the equipment requirements. The operation procedures of the short path molecular distillation will be introduced as follows.   What should be noticed: 1. The circulating hot oil in the external interlayer is adopted for […]

What is vacuum pump working principle

What is vacuum pump working principle Vacuum pump is supposed to remove gas with high-speed and high-efficiency from sealed containers, in order to achieve the purpose of generating, improving and maintaining vacuum. The working principle of a vacuum pump is that rotor rotates along the inside of the pump wall. The fixed wing will go […]

What is the purpose of the water bath in a rotary evaporator

What is a water bath Water bath uses high-quality electronic components, which has sensitive temperature control, reliable performance and is easy to use. Water bath can be widely used in biology, genetics, viruses, aquatic products, environmental protection, medicine, health, laboratories, analysis rooms, education and scientific research, and some other fields. Do not burn the water bath pot […]

What are the components of chilled water system

The components of chilled water system mainly includes these seven parts: the compressor, condenser, evaporator, expansion valve, power panel, controls unit and the water box. Besides these main components, there are also several bits and pieces of working parts in the chiller water system such as tubes. What are the main components of a chiller […]