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What is the Oil Press?

The oil press refers to a kind of device that can, by means of external mechanical force, express oil from raw material through raising the temperature to activate oil molecules.

What are Classifications of Oil Presses?

The oil presses can fall into household oil press, hydraulic oil press, screw oil press, new hydraulic oil press, high efficiency fine oil filter press and automatic oil press.

Compared to other types of oil presses, a screw oil press has a higher oil capacity, good cost performance and simple operation but a bad oil quality. A hydraulic oil press only need a small driving force, which can be drove by both three-phase and household electricity. The oil is clear but the output is low. So a hydraulic oil press is more suitable for expressing high-end oil such as sesame oil and walnut oil.

What does an Oil Press Machine Do?

An oil press machine can be used to process a great variety of plant seeds, such as peanut, sesame, rapeseed and sunflower seed.

For example, peanuts should be stir-fried until they are well-done and can be flattened by hand, which is more suitable for pressing oil. Too crisp peanuts will be ground into powder, not easy to produce oil. If you want to obtain strong aromatic peanut oil, peanuts should be stir-fried until they are crispy. And then add 5% of clear water to stir-fry them until there is no obvious water on the surface. The peanuts can be pressed now. If it is allowed, put peanuts that has been stir-fried to crispy into a stream pot for steaming a while. Then the oil pressed will be quite mellow and fragrant.

This machine isn’t suitable for pressing puffed cooked sesame. Being fragrant and crisp, puffed cooked sesame serves as the raw material for making sesame paste. The material for pressing oil must be soft and can be pressed into slices, so the puffed cooked sesame can only be made into paste but can’t produce oil.

What is Cold-Pressed Oil?

The cold-pressed oil refers to the oil that is produced by cold press method. There is cold press and hot press methods in terms of the pre-treatment of raw material. The cold press refers to the process where raw material, without drying, frying and steaming, is directly put into the oil press for extracting oil. The oil produced by cold press is more bright with a relatively light color, but it has a low oil yield and no rich, nice and mellow flavor.

Which is the Best Oil Extraction Machine?

It depends on the quality of an oil press itself, oil yield, residual oil rate and even after-sales service. Our oil presses can be simply operated with one button, and have the advantages of large power, low heating and high efficiency. Featuring high oil yield and low pressing cost, they are capable of processing a great variety of raw materials.

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