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An oil press machine plays an extremely important role in the production of oil, which primarily utilizes external mechanical force to express oil from raw material. In order to make the best use of an oil press, it’s necessary to know some precautions using an oil press.

Precautions for Using an Oil Press

  1. Please use the single phase three-hole socket that is well-grounded. It should be ensured that the power plug is inserted securely when connecting to the power supply. Don’t plug out the power plug during the normal operation. Check the power cord regularly and don’t use the machine when the power cord is damaged. Try not to share sockets with other electrical appliances or use long cords.
  2. The machine can be only used by adults, keeping it away from kids and pets during the operation. People lack of using knowledge should use the equipment under the guidance of professional personnel. Don’t use fingers to fiddle with raw materials in the feed port.
  3. The working parts of the machine have a relatively high temperature during the work. Don’t touch them with your hands to avoid scald. It is required to wear gloves to clean the machine or clean it after the heat comes down due to the barrel and the press rod, especially the pre-heating parts, have a relatively high temperature.
  4. Keep it away from high temperature, high humidity and open fire, and avoid long hours of direct sunlight. Place it on a smooth desktop that can completely bear its weight, which should be solid wood desktop or marble slab as far as possible. If it is placed on a hollow desktop, there will be much more noise because of vibration. It is better to pad a soft cloth over it. Keep horizontal and don’t tap.
  5. Don’t use water to flush the host, which should be wiped by dry cloth. After cleaning the barrel and the press rod, blow or wipe them for drying and then re-assemble them. The power plug must be plugged out when cleaning components or using wet cloth to wipe the host.
  6. After finishing the oil pressing, make it rotate reversely for ten seconds if no slag is discharged. It can be extended to about one minutes when necessary (when the raw material is damp). The press rod is possible to be hardly taken out from the barrel if this step is ignored.
  7. If it isn’t used for a long time, keep it in a dry ventilated place to prevent the motor from humidity.

Common Problems and Solutions of an Oil Press

1. What if impurities come into the feed port?

A: Stop the machine immediately. Start the reverse motor to get impurities and raw material back and then dismount the barrel. Clean up before continuing to work.

2. What if the press rod can’t be taken out from the barrel?

A: Install the machine again, and it can be taken out after running the machine idle for five minutes.

3. What if the power supply is suddenly cut off for more than 30 minutes during the operation?

A: Turn off the power supply timely, plug out the power plug, and remove the visible raw materials from the feed port. When there is electricity, heat it up for 20 minutes before starting the motor. Normally it can go on working. If it still can’t work after heating up, the barrel and the press rod should be dismounted for cleaning and then re-assemble them for starting up.

4. Is the pressing method same for different raw materials?

A: No, there are different pressing methods for various raw materials.

5. How to deal with oil residue after pressing?

A: The oil residue is a fat-free nut, which can be made into various food, or can serve as organic fertilizer used for planting flowers and vegetables.

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