What is Muffle Furnace Used for?

What is muffle furnace?

Tube Furnace
Tube Furnace

The muffle furnace is a universal heating device. Its resistor wire hidden in the box, the wall of the box is thick, and there is an insulation material, the temperature can rise to 1200℃. It is often used in alkali melting of some insoluble metals and minerals, as well as in gravimetric analysis. It burns filter paper into flameless ash, burns to decompose organic matter, and drives out volatile components in inorganic matter. The muffle furnace is a new generation of energy-saving intelligent products for high performance machinery.

What is muffle furnace used for?

Box Furnace
Box Furnace

Muffle furnace is used for ashing, which is equivalent to burning, removing organic components and leaving inorganic substances;

It is also a vertical charging regenerative furnace for sample testing. Muffle furnace can prevent dirt that may be generated during heat treatment from entering the heater;

It can also be used to measure the ash content of coal or other minerals. At the same time, the self programming preset by the instrument can also be used as other tests requiring temperature control and timing.

The application range of the muffle furnace is as follows:

Atmosphere Furnace
Atmosphere Furnace

(1) Hot processing and industrial workpiece treatment: thermal processing or treatment of small workpieces in cement and building materials industry.

(2) Pharmaceutical industry: used for drug tests, preprocessing of medical samples, etc.

(3) Analytical chemistry industry: as a sample treatment in the fields of water quality analysis, environmental analysis. It can also be used for oil and its analysis.

(4) Coal quality analysis: used to determine moisture, ash, volatile division, gray melting point analysis, ash ingredient analysis, elemental analysis. It can also be used as a general-purpose gray furnace.

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