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There are mainly two types of tableting machines, which are single station tablet press and multi-station tablet press. In the following parts, we will introduce what a single punch tablet press is and how it works in detail.

What is a Single Punch Tablet Press?

A single punch tablet press, known as single station tablet press or eccentric press as well, is used to compress powder or granular material into tablets of uniform size, shape and weight. It is the simplest tableting equipment. It is a kind of small desktop inching continuous press machine, which can also manually compress tablets without electricity. The machine comes with one die, and it can press different shapes and sizes of tablets. Both the filling depth of material and thickness of tablets can be adjusted. It is suitable for laboratory and small-scale tablet production and processing industry.

How does a Single Punch Tablet Press Work?

The working process of a tablet press covers loading, filling, main compression, molding, ejection and other procedures.

The upper and lower punches, driven by punching plate, move clockwise along the upper and lower guide rails respectively. When punches move to the filling section, the upper punch moves upward to bypass the feeder. At the same time, the lower punch moves downward under the action of the filling guide rail to exactly form a cavity with negative pressure in the middle die hole. The powder granules come into the cavity through the feeder. The lower punch passes through the lowest point of the filling guide rail to form over filling, and the upper punch gradually comes into the middle die hole to completely cover and press the powder in the middle die. The upper and lower punches combine with each other for molding, guaranteeing less leakage of powder and no change of filling capacity during the compression. The compression is completed when punches pass through the pinch roller. The upper punch moves up and the lower punch pushes up to bring out the pressed tablets through the ejection rail. The tablets come into the ejection device, completing a tablet pressing process.

What is a Single Punch Tablet Press Used for?

A single punch tablet press is applicable for producing a great variety of tablets, such as traditional Chinese medicine tablets, western medicine tablets, chewable tablets and calcium tablets. It can press powder or granular material into tablets, widely used for trial production and small scale production in pharmaceutical factory, chemical factory, hospital, scientific research institution and laboratory.

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