The vacuum pump is a common device to create or maintain the required vacuum level. It generally has a greatly wide application area as a accessory equipment for other laboratory devices.

How does a Vacuum Pump Work?

2XZ Series Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump
2XZ Series Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump

A vacuum pump mainly uses mechanical, physical, chemical or physical-chemical methods to evacuate the pumped container to obtain a vacuum. All vacuum pumps work in the same manner essentially. By making use of the pressure difference between two spaces, the majority of gas molecules or liquids are moved from one area to another area so that the former can obtain a lower pressure or vacuum condition.

What does Vacuum Pump Do?

A vacuum pump is a device that uses various methods to improve, generate, and maintain a vacuum in a sealed space. It can be used in pharmaceutical and chemical industries, vacuum coating, vacuum drying, surface treatment, vacuum smelting, brick, ceramic manufacturing, food packaging, milking, beverage industry and so on. The role of the vacuum pump is to remove gas molecules from the vacuum chamber, reduce the gas pressure in the vacuum chamber, and help to reach the required vacuum degree. There are some specific examples in the following, which will help you well understand what a vacuum pump does.

A vacuum pump can create a vacuum condition in metallurgical and chemical industry. Because the air quality is relatively low in such a industry, and the air may contain lots of steam and solid particles.

A vacuum pump can create an absolute vacuum for food and drug. In the food and medicine industries, the food and drug are required to be treated in an absolute vacuum in order to achieve aseptic disinfection and drying treatment. Not only can a vacuum pump achieve purposes of aseptic disinfection and drying treatment, but it can make food and drug preserve for a long time.

A vacuum pump can also create a vacuum condition for electron tubes and picture tubes. The production and processing of electronic technology products need to use a vacuum pump to realize the better use of electron tubes and picture tube.

Why does a Vacuum Pump Need Oil?

Vacuum pump oil is a kind of lubricating oil specially developed for vacuum pumps on vacuum equipment, which is divided into mineral oil and synthetic oil. It is suitable for reciprocating booster pumps, mechanical booster pumps and oil-sealed mechanical vacuum pumps. It can also be used for various diffusion vacuum pumps. It is recommended for vacuum pumps in the fields of crafts, ceramics, chemistry, etc. The vacuum pump oil can not only provide lubrication for rotary vane pumps, but functions as a seal across the vanes and dual-seal between the low pressure and high pressure side of the pump.

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