LPTM-XB Benchtop Autoclave Sterilizer

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Benchtop Autoclave Sterilizer Application

A benchtop autoclave sterilizer is most commonly used to sterilize medical instruments, tools and other items used in the healthcare industry. It can also be used to sterilize laboratory equipment, plastic and glassware, instruments used in dentistry and veterinary practices, and in research laboratories. Some autoclave sterilizers are also used to sterilize food products, such as jars and cans.

Benchtop Autoclave Sterilizer Description

A benchtop autoclave sterilizer is a laboratory device used to sterilize various materials using pressurized steam. It typically consists of a chamber, a heating element, and a pressure gauge. The chamber is filled with steam under pressure and the materials to be sterilized are placed within the chamber. The heating element then heats the steam to a high temperature, which kills any bacteria and other microorganisms present. The pressure gauge monitors the pressure within the chamber and ensures that the temperature is maintained. The sterilized materials are then removed from the autoclave and cooled.

Benchtop Autoclave Sterilizer Features

1. Easy to use, intuitive control panel: autoclaves feature a userfriendly control panel with clear instructions, making it easy to set up and use.

2. Digital display: Autoclaves feature a digital display that shows the temperature and pressure readings in realtime.

3. Programmable settings: Many autoclaves feature preprogrammed settings so you can quickly and conveniently sterilize different kinds of items.

4. Automated cycle: Autoclaves feature an automated cycle that runs from start to finish with minimal user involvement.

5. Pressure monitoring: Autoclaves feature a pressure monitoring system that allows you to monitor the pressure inside the chamber during the sterilization process.

6. Safety features: Autoclaves feature safety features such as temperature and pressure sensors that will shut off the autoclave if it gets too hot or the pressure gets too high.

Benchtop Autoclave Sterilizer Parameter

Technical Parameter



Sterilizing chamber volume

20L(φ250×420 mm)

24L(φ250×520 mm)

Maximum working pressure


Maximum working temperature


Adjustment of temperature



0-60 min

Chamber temperature equal

≤ ± 1℃

Source power

1.5KW/AC 220V 50Hz (AC110V 60HZ)

Sterilizing plate

340×200×30 mm (3 piece)

400×200×30 mm (3 piece)


480×480×384 mm

580×480×384 mm

Package dimension

700×580×500 mm

800×580×500 mm

G. W/N.W

44/40 kg

50/45 kg

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