LPLS-300LD Autoclave Sterilizer

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Scope of Application

The LPLS-330LD Electric Pressure Steam Sterilizer is designed for medical institutions to disinfect and sterilize various surgical instruments, dressings, glassware, syringes, and other items that can withstand high temperatures and humidity. It is not suitable for use in laboratories with a biosafety level of three or four, or in other facilities with equivalent biosafety precautions.

The application of high-pressure sterilizers in mushroom cultivation and planting is significant. Mushroom cultivation requires a sterile environment to prevent contamination by competitive microorganisms, ensuring the growth and yield of mushrooms. High-pressure sterilizers are commonly used tools for sterilizing culture media, substrates, and cultivation containers, thus maintaining aseptic conditions during cultivation. Here are the applications of high-pressure sterilizers in mushroom cultivation and planting:

1. **Substrate Sterilization:** Various organic substrates such as wood chips, straw, etc., are often used in mushroom cultivation. These substrates may contain competitive microorganisms that negatively impact mushroom growth. High-pressure sterilizers subject the substrate to high temperatures and pressures, effectively eliminating microorganisms present in the substrate. This creates a sterile substrate environment, promoting the growth of mushroom mycelium.

2. **Cultivation Container Sterilization:** Cultivation bags, bottles, or other containers are used for growing mycelium and mushrooms. These containers need to be sterilized before use to prevent microbial contamination inside. High-pressure sterilizers can sterilize cultivation containers, ensuring they are sterile before use.

3. **Culture Medium Sterilization:** The culture medium used in mushroom cultivation requires sterilization to eliminate microorganisms. High-pressure sterilizers can thoroughly deactivate microorganisms within the culture medium using high temperatures and pressures, ensuring the culture medium remains sterile and provides a suitable environment for mushroom growth.

4. **Strain Preservation:** Preserving and storing suitable strains is crucial in mushroom cultivation. High-pressure sterilizers can be used to sterilize and preserve strains, allowing for long-term storage and reinitiating the cultivation process when needed.

In summary, the application of high-pressure sterilizers in mushroom cultivation and planting helps establish aseptic conditions, providing favorable circumstances for mushroom growth and thereby enhancing yield and quality. It is an indispensable tool in the process of mushroom production.

330L Autoclave Parameter






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Rt – 121℃





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