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A planetary ball mill is particularly designed for crushing, grinding and dispersing metals, non-metals, organics, herbs and other powder. It is pretty suitable for laboratory research. Serving as a kind of grinding device, it utilizes the high speed rolling of grinding balls and sample materials to achieve the purposes of crushing, grinding and dispersing.

When a planetary ball mill is used for a long time, different troubles may inevitably appear, influencing the normal operation. Actually, some failures can be troubleshooted by ourselves. In the following parts, five common troubles and solutions will be introduced in detail.

Troubleshooting for a Planetary Ball Mill

1. Abnormal running.

Solution A: Check whether the power plug is plugged into, whether the green switch is turned on, and whether the emergency stop switch is turned on if there is an emergency stop switch.

Solution B: It doesn’t display after turning on the power switch of the transducer. Firstly, check whether the power supply is normal. Secondly, check whether the power switch is damaged.

Solution C: There is display on the transducer, but the motor doesn’t work after pressing the RUN button. Check whether the seven-pin plug is inserted tightly and whether the protection cover of the ball mill is well covered, and then check whether the safety switch is damaged.

2. The revolution speed of the supporting disc decreases significantly, or the speed is unstable, or the rotation is weak.

Solution: It is caused by the wear of the triangle belt that has the function of transmission. It is required to replace the triangle belt.

3. There is abnormal sound during the operation.

Solution: Shut down immediately. Check whether the ball mill tanks are loose. Start the device again after the ball mill tanks are fixed.

4. The sound diminishes or disappears suddenly during the operation.

Solution: Shut down immediately, unplug the power cord, and then rotate the ball mill tanks by hand. If they can’t be rotated smoothly, it means that the belt is damaged and should be replaced.

5. There is metal friction sound or unpleasant order during the operation.

Solution: Shut down instantly, unplug the power cord, and then rotate the supporting disc. If the axis is loose, it means that the bearing is worn out and should be replaced in time.

The above are common troubles and solutions of a planetary ball mill. If you have any other questions, please contact us for more information. Our E-MAIL is rotovap@lanphan.com.

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