How to Get Essential Oil and Hydrolat?

Structure Introduction

DW essential oil distiller
DW essential oil distiller
  • High Quality double wall boiler
  • High-temperature resistant borosilicate glass with 99.95% copper mesh and high quality sieve plate
  • High quality thermometer
  • 180°Elbow connection
  • High efficiency condensing tower
  • Integrated separator of hydrolat and essential oil

DW Essential oil Distiller Parameter

Product NameEssential Oil Distiller
Product ModelDW25/ DW50
Volume(L)25L / 50L
MaterialStainless Steel 304, Pure Copper
Heating MethodElectronic


Cooling MethodWater Cooling

Application of Essential Oil and Hydrolat

Plant-derived hydrosol can be used for skin care, and the effect of hydrosol from diverse plants is different.

  1. Lemon Hydrosol: Hydrating, Whitening, Brightenin
  2. Rose Hydrosol: Moisturizing, Whitening, Brightening, Anti-aging
  3. Rosemary Hydrosol: Oil control, acne removal, shrink pores, purify skin
  4. Lavender Hydrosol: Moisturizing, anti-inflammatory and sterilizing, acne-removing
  5. Mint Hydrosol: Anti-inflammatory and acne-removing, shrink pores, calm and soothe
  6. Chamomile hydrosol: moisturizing, repairing sensitive skin, anti-allergy, redness, anti-allergic
  7. Bitter Orange Blossom Hydrosol: Whitening and moisturizing, deeply purifying the bottom layer of the skin, improving dull skin

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