A centrifuge machine mainly utilizes the gravity and centrifugal force to separate solids from liquids, widely used in medical systems, university research, bio-pharmaceuticals, food and drug testing, petroleum, chemical, environmental protection and other fields. It actually has a complicated system, generally consisting of six parts. Something detailed is as follows.

What are Parts of a Centrifuge?

Centrifuge (Ethanol Extraction Equipment)

  1. Drive System

The drive system refers to the motor (carbon brush motor, brushless motor, variable frequency motor). It is the heart of the centrifuge and contains the electric motor, which is an important component of the centrifuge.

  2. Control System

The control system refers to the circuit board / main board, display board. The control system is the command center of the centrifuge. The principle is the same as that of the computer. It mainly processes and controls various data.

  3. Rack / Chassis

The rack or chassis connects the centrifuge parts, which is the over of centrifuge and can protect centrifuge from being damaged.

  4. Centrifugal Chamber

The centrifugal chamber accommodates the motor.

  5. Rotor

The rotors are used to place specimen, including the horizontal rotor, angular rotor, ELISA plate rotor and cell picture rotor.

  6. Compressor (Freezer Type)

The compressor (freezer type) refers to the temperature control. The centrifugal compressor is a kind of turbo compressor, which has the characteristics of the large gas volume, small volume, simple structure, stable operation, convenient maintenance and gas pollution from oil, and many driving modes are available.

All of these parts are indispensable. They cooperate with each other and together constitute the complete centrifuge equipment, which is an essential separation equipment widely used in many fields.

Centrifuge Filtration System

There are many holes on the inner wall of the drum. Liquid will be transferred along the inner wall of the drum. When liquid flows through the drum, solid substances within liquid will stay on the surface of the drum and liquid substances will be tossed out because of the centrifugal force. In this way, the solid substances and liquid substances within liquid get to be separated.

Functions of Centrifuge Parts

Due to the thin diameter of the driving shaft, the thin shaft can be flexibly bent during the rotation in order to adapt to the slight imbalance of the rotating head without causing vibration or shaft damage. The speed control prevents the rotation speed from exceeding the maximum specified speed of the rotor and causes the tear or explosion of the rotor. For this reason, the centrifugal chamber is sealed with an armor plate capable of withstanding such an explosion. The rotor specifications and the number of varieties are important indicators for measuring the mastery of the centrifuge production technology.

What is Centrifuge Machine Used for?

As a separation equipment, the centrifuge machine can be used for separating liquid and solid particles or liquid mixture with liquid components by making using of the centrifugal force generally. Speaking specifically, centrifuges are mainly used to separate liquid and solid particles in the suspension or separate immiscible liquids with different densities in the emulsion. As well, centrifuges can be adopted to extract liquid from the wet solid. For example, a washing machine is used to dry wet clothes. The special ultra-velocity tube centrifuges can be used to separate gas mixtures of different densities. Due to solid particles of different densities or sizes in liquid features various sedimentation speed, some centrifuges can classify solid particles according to densities or particle sizes.

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