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Installation diagram of rotary evaporator

Preparations for installation 1. Please refer to the packing list to check whether the components and parts are complete after opening the packing box; if there is any missing part, please contact us. 2. Remove residues on the glass parts before the assembly and keep the glass contact surface clean; apply vacuum grease to both […]

Rotary evaporator vapour

  Application of rotary evaporator in industry In industry, there are so many materials and compounds which need to be extracted to get pure individual substance. There are several efficient lab devices for extracting solvents and rotary evaporator is one of them. Rotary evaporator is a device used to extract solvents through evaporation. It has different […]

Falling film evaporator

  What is falling film evaporator? Falling film evaporator is a device used to separate different solvents through evaporation. It is widely used in chemical、industrial and some other fields. It offers a higher efficiency and safety for users from different fields. It works under the condition of vacuum and gravity, and mixtures can get heated evenly […]

evaporative system

Evaporator system components As we all know, rotary evaporator equipment is a whole system and there are several components within it. There are four parts in rotary evaporator: evaporation part、condensing part、receiving part、vacuum part. Evaporation part Evaporation part is an essential part in the whole system. In this part, evaporation flask is to make solvents be evaporated […]

Evaporator accessory

Rotary Evaporator accessory Receiving flask: a device used to collect solvents. Condenser: a device used to condense gaseous solvents matching with chiller. Motor: a device powered by electricity used to supply motive power for the whole rotary evaporator equipment. Evaporation flask: a device used to contain sample and keep rotating to facilitate evaporation by enlarging […]

Rotary evaporator parts and function

  Parts of rotary evaporator and their functions There are four parts in the whole rotary evaporator equipment – condensing part、evaporation part、vacuum pump、receiving part. Each of them is in charge of different work. Following are the parts of rotary evaporator and their functions : 1. In the evaporation part, evaporation flask rotates in a constant speed […]

Rotary vacuum evaporator

How to install Dual condenser Rotary Vacuum Evaporators with dual receiving flask? With the rapid development of technology, more and more effective devices are invented to facilitate experiment processes in chemical labs. Rotary vacuum evaporator is one of them, which is a device used to extract solvents from sample with high efficiency through evaporation. For […]

2019 Latest Rotary Evaporator – Buying Guide

With the increasing use of rotary evaporators, there are many merchants selling rotary evaporators on the market. Considering that everyone has some doubts when purchasing rotary evaporators, today I will give you some knowledge for purchasing rotary evaporators for your reference.Here’s the latest rotary evaporator product of 2019, which can be compared with the old […]

What is rotary evaporator?

Rotary evaporator is a device used to separate solvents through evaporation in a partial vacuum. It is widely used in chemical, chemical industry, biomedical and other fields. Process for rotary evaporator: Firstly, with sample placed in evaporation flask, evaporation flask keeps rotating to facilitate evaporation by enlarging evaporation area. Secondly, solvents evaporated from sample are […]

The main components of the rotary evaporator

Rotary evaporator is widely used in the laboratory. In addition, as an ideal equipment, it plays an important role in many fields, such as: chemical industry, medicine, pharmacy, food industry and biology.The rotary evaporator is controlled by current to make the flask run at a constant speed.Inside the flask frame, a motor can be used […]