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What’s the precautions of using the Rotary Evaporating Water Bath?

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Laboratory rotary evaporator is a device for purifying distillation experiments.The rotary evaporator make the flask in the negative pressure state through the vacuum pump,The flask was heated while being placed in a rotary steaming bath , and the solution in the flask was subjected to heat diffusion evaporation in a rotating flask under a negative […]

What capacity of the rotary evaporator or reactor needed to match the DLSB Low Temperature Cooling Liquid Circulating Pump?

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DLSB Low Temperature Cooling Liquid Circulating Pump is a low temperature liquid circulating pump using mechanical refrigeration.It can provide constant current and constant pressure circulating cooling liquid to meet the needs of rotary evaporator and glass reactor to reduce the working temperature of the instrument.DLSB low temperature coolant circulating pump has the function of providing […]

What are the evaporation modes of vacuum rotary evaporator and thin film evaporator?

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Both Vacuum rotary evaporator and thin film evaporator are kinds of evaporator.what are their differences and similarities in particular?firstly,let’s look at what vacuum rotary evaporator is and what thin film evaporator is. Lanphan vacuum evaporator is a kind of evaporator widely used in laboratory and scientific research and is suitable for reflux operation ,concentration of […]

Precautions during carrying a rotary evaporator

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Vacuum rotary evaporator and thin film evaporator are both one kind of evaporator. Specifically, what are their similarities and differences?First let’s look at what a vacuum rotary evaporator is and what a thin film evaporator is。 Rotatory evaporator has fine structure and many glass components. It will damage the instrument if it is not carefully […]

Four Tips for Buying a Rotary Evaporator

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Nowadays, the rotary evaporator are widely used in factories and laboratories, It is mainly used for concentration, crystallization, drying, separation and solvent recovery in the pharmaceutical, chemical and biopharmaceutical industries. However, there are many problems during the distillation process. For example: lower distillation effect, distillation collision and so on. However, how should we solve these […]