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2019 Latest Rotary Evaporator – Buying Guide

With the increasing use of rotary evaporators, there are many merchants selling rotary evaporators on the market. Considering that everyone has some doubts when purchasing rotary evaporators, today I will give you some knowledge for purchasing rotary evaporators for your reference.Here’s the latest rotary evaporator product of 2019, which can be compared with the old […]

What is rotary evaporation?

rotary evaporator

In the previous articles,we have talked a lot about the rotary evaporator,including the working principle of rotary evaporator, classification and application of rotary evaporator in the kitchen, etc.rotary evaporator is a common instrument in laboratory which consists of motor,distillation flask,heating port and condenser.It is widely applied in chemical,medicine,biological engineering and other fields.Today,I will talk about […]

The main components of the rotary evaporator

The main components of the rotary evaporator

Rotary evaporator is widely used in the laboratory. In addition, as an ideal equipment, it plays an important role in many fields, such as: chemical industry, medicine, pharmacy, food industry and biology.The rotary evaporator is controlled by current to make the flask run at a constant speed.Inside the flask frame, a motor can be used […]

Four steps in using a rotary evaporator

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Rotary evaporator plays an important role in the laboratory. It is composed of motors, distillation bottles, heating pots, condensing pipes and other main components.Besides, it is also widely used in some fields, such as chemistry, chemical engineering, biology, medicine and so on.By means of electronic control, the flask can be rotated at a constant temperature […]

Four tips for buying a rotary evaporator

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Nowadays,rotary evaporator is widely used in factory and laboratory. It is mainly used for concentration, crystallization, drying, separation and solvent recovery in pharmaceutical, chemical and biological pharmaceutical industries.However, in the process of distillation may encounter a lot of difficult problems, such as: low distillation effect, distillation collision phenomenon. However, how should we solve these hard […]

What are the factors that affect the distillation efficiency of a laboratory rotary evaporator?

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The distillation efficiency of the laboratory rotary evaporation instrument is an important performance. The distillation efficiency determines the efficiency of the experiment on one hand, and the quality of a product on the other hand.The distillation efficiency of a laboratory rotary evaporator determines the number of samples that can be distilled per day. One obvious […]

What is the method of using a rotary evaporator?

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It is well known that rotary evaporator is a laboratory instrument for distillation and extraction of materials,The first thing customers should consider after purchasing the instrument is the use method of rotary evaporator. This article will introduce the use method of rotary evaporator for you one by one, hoping to be helpful to you. The […]

What’s the function of the rotary evaporator condenser?

rotary evaporator condenser

rotary evaporator condenser together with motor,water bath,distillation flask,collecting flask and other fittings consist of a complete rotary evaporator.Each part of the rotary plays an important role,among them the role of rotary evaporator condenser is most important.Today let’s learn about the function of the rotary evaporator condenser. Before learning about the function of the rotary evaporator […]

what’s the application of rotary evaporator?

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The rotary evaporator rotates to form a film for high efficiency evaporation under the condition of negative pressure through constant temperature heating.The solvent was recovered by condensing tube to achieve the effect of separation and purification.Rotary evaporators are used in a wide range of applications, from laboratory to factory to kitchens. The components of the […]

Why did the rotary evaporator gear motor malfunction? Rotary evaporator manufacturers will answer you.

rotary evaporator gear motor

The rotary evaporator rotates under constant temperature heating and under negative pressure to form a film, and then is efficiently evaporated and then cooled to recover the solvent. It is an ideal instrument for laboratory distillation extraction, material crystallization and solvent separation.Yesterday we talked about the precautions of using the rotary .Also as the main […]