Freeze Dryer Working Principle

Through freeze-drying technology, the moisture in the substance undergoes sublimation directly from the solid state to the gas state without going through the liquid phase. This drying process takes place in a low-temperature and vacuum environment, reducing the impact of moisture on the structure of the substance while preserving its activity and properties. The resulting freeze-dried products have an extended shelf life and can quickly rehydrate to their original state when water is added.


Freeze Dryer Application

Food Industry: Vacuum freeze-drying technology can be used for drying fruits, vegetables, meat and poultry, seafood, condiments, convenience foods, and specialty products. It can achieve the goal of preserving the original color, aroma, taste, shape, and freshness of food, with excellent rehydration properties. The resulting products are easy to store and transport, leading to cost reduction and extended shelf life.

Nutritional Health: Vacuum freeze-drying technology is employed in drying nutritional health products such as royal jelly, ginseng, turtle, soft-shelled turtle, and earthworm, making people believe in the purity and naturalness of these nutritional supplements.

Pharmaceutical Industry: Vacuum freeze-drying method can be applied to the dehydration and preservation of serum, plasma, vaccines, enzymes, antibiotics, hormones, and other Chinese and Western medicines.

Biological Research: The long-term preservation of blood, bacteria, arteries, bones, skin, cornea, nerve tissues, and various organs using vacuum freeze-drying technology allows for regeneration by simply supplying water, while still maintaining their biochemical and physical characteristics.

Other applications include the production of aerospace insulation ceramics, preservation of wooden and silk artifacts in archaeology, specimen preparation, and preparation of special materials, all of which can yield unique effects.

The vacuum freeze-drying machine integrates the refrigeration system, vacuum system, heat-conducting oil heating system, and dehumidification system into a new type of box structure. It maximizes the utilization of the space inside the box for freeze-drying, resulting in powders with excellent dispersibility. The electrical control part is equipped with various advanced measurement systems to ensure the process quality of the freeze-dried products.

Freeze Dryer Technical Parameter

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(2) The machine is easy to operate, fast, and delivers excellent results.

(3) All materials that come into contact with the product are made of inert materials, meeting the requirements of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP).

(4) The organic glass cover is made of ACRYLIC material, which is colorless and transparent, allowing for easy observation of the freeze-dried products.

(5)The stainless steel inflation (drainage) valve is designed and produced in-house, ensuring safety, corrosion resistance, and no leakage.

(6) The cold trap has a large opening without internal coils and features a sample pre-freezing function, eliminating the need for a low-temperature freezer.

(7) Patented gas diversion technology ensures even ice trapping in the cold trap and enhances ice trapping capacity.

(8) Internationally renowned brand compressor, high efficiency, energy-saving, long service life, and low noise.

(9) Well-known brand vacuum pump with high pumping speed, achieving a higher ultimate vacuum.

(10) 7-inch true-color industrial embedded touch screen + PLC modular controller, offering high control accuracy, stable and reliable performance.

(11) Intelligent data recording system provides real-time recording and display of cold trap temperature curve, sample temperature curve, and vacuum degree curve. Data can be exported, viewed, printed, and operated through a computer.

(12) Intelligent data recording and exporting, allowing for browsing, printing, and various operations via a computer. It facilitates process optimization and verification of drying results.

Freeze-drying area: 0.08 m²

Material tray size: Ф180 mm

Number of material trays: 3

Spacing between material trays: 70 mm

Cold trap temperature: ≤ -55℃ (empty load)

Cold trap depth: 155 mm

Cold trap diameter: Ф215 mm

Ice trapping capacity: 3-4 kg/24h

Pumping rate: 2 L/s

Ultimate vacuum: ≤ 5 Pa (empty load)

Total power: 950 W

Machine weight: 48 kg

Machine dimensions: 520×600×400 mm

Cooling method: Air cooling

Defrosting mode: Natural defrosting

Penicillin bottle capacity:

Penicillin bottle Ф12 mm: 516 bottles

Penicillin bottle Ф16 mm: 288 bottles

Penicillin bottle Ф22 mm: 150 bottles

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