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A low temperature coolant circulating pump is especially suitable for chemical, biological and physical laboratories that need to maintain low temperature and normal temperature conditions. It is an essential equipment for medical and health, chemical industry, food industry, metallurgical industry, colleges and universities, scientific research, genetic engineering, polymer engineering and other fields. It has gained its popularity in more and more fields because of the simple operation and stable operating performance. But some improper operations may damage the device. So it’s necessary to learn some precautions for using a low temperature coolant circulating pump.


  1. Water-adding level should not be higher than 2cm above vessel before starting up.
  2. Power supply must accord with the requirements of equipment, and have a reliable ground connection.
  3. It is forbidden to use when there is no water in vessel or water surface is too low and freezing.
  4. When water pump is assembled with another circulating pump, the pipelines of the these two pumps should not be connected with each other. Do not open the circulation switch when turning off the circulating pump to avoid equipment damage.
  5. There must be enough room around equipment, and distance from partition can not be shorter than 400mm. It should be placed at places that are ventilated, dry and free of contamination.
  6. It is forbidden to use corrosive medium.
  7. It is forbidden to heat without liquid or few liquid.
  8. It is forbidden to run with faults, otherwise, it will cause more damages for spare parts and even personal security.
  9. If alcohol is used as medium, the temperature can’t be higher than 10℃.

Operating Procedures

  1. Open tank lid, pour into moderate medium(lower than 2cm from side of water bath) according to constant temperature demands.
  2. Connect the cooling circulating pump to the system used in the experiment according to the general method shown in Figure 1. Connect the inlet and outlet of this equipment to the outlet and inlet of the laboratory instruments with thermal insulation hoses.If the cooling circulating pump is only used for cold bath operation, then just connect the inlet and outlet of the circulating pump.
  3. Put the power plug into the independent socket properly.
  4. Turn on safety switch and power supply switch after connecting the power supply, and then instruments will display the actual temperatures.
  5. Turn on refrigeration switch, then compressors will start to work after 3-minute delay(if it is double-instrument, high-temperature instrument will work firstly, the low-temperature instrument starts to work after 3-minute delay and high-temperature instrument reached setting 30℃, while refrigerated indicator lights)
  6. Turn on refrigeration switch, if there has interior circulation, users can turn on pump switch and interior circulation valve simultaneously to ensure that bath temperature is OK(it can be turned on interruptedly). Otherwise, if needs, users should open circulating pump.
  7. After temperature reached setting temperature, turn on circulation switch and valve, refrigerate cooling instrument, and then start experiment.
  8. After finished experiment, turn on circulating pump, refrigerating, power supply in proper order, and shut off safety switch pull out power plug at last.
  9. If instrument is not used in a long time, please take down cooling liquid, and clean it by rinsing.

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