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Liquid chromatography can further fall into Liquid-Liquid Chromatography and Liquid-Solid Chromatography based on the condition of stationary phase. It is mainly composed of high pressure infusion pump, sampling system, temperature control system, chromatography column, detector, signal recording system and other parts. With the continuous improvement of liquid chromatography, it can be used in more fields. Let’s discuss its extensive applications in the following.

What is Liquid Chromatography Used for?

  1. Pharmaceutical field: liquid chromatography can be used to separate and analyse the combination content of drugs due to a kind of drug usually contains multiple compositions. It can also be used to analyse the residual amount of a drug in the body as well as determine drug metabolites in various organs.
  2. Bio-chemical field: liquid chromatography is mainly used to analyse nucleic acid, amino acids, peptides, proteins, enzyme, sugar and other materials, with the advantages of simple, rapid and accurate operation. It plays an more important role in this field.
  3. Food industry: liquid chromatography can analyse the xanthine in coffee, nucleoside acid and nucleoside in seasoning, organic acids in fruit juices, vitamin in rice, vitamin D in milk and other components, providing valid data for nutrition value of food. As well, it can analyse toxic components in food, such as pesticide in apples, nitrofuranhydrazone in milk, organic mercury in fishes and other poisonous content.
  4. Environment analysis: liquid chromatography can be applied to analyse the polluted components in atmosphere and harmful components in waste water automobile exhaust gas. It is convenient to use liquid chromatography.
  5. Chemical field: liquid chromatography can be used for analysis of surfactant, analysis of organic acid’s content, analysis of dye and its intermediates and quality analysis of polymer’s single crystal.
  6. Agriculture field: it’s necessary to carry out various content analysis for nutrition of various crops in agriculture. Liquid chromatography equipment is quite efficient for analysis of polysaccharides, fatty acids and proteins, so it is extensively used.

In conclusion, liquid chromatography is widely applied for analysis, separation, purification and preparation of plant active ingredients, natural products, organic synthetic products, protein biopolymers and other target active ingredients, satisfying both laboratory research and industrial production.

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