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The preparative chromatography is a kind of modular purification device with powerful functions. It improves the purification process in Chinese herbal medicine, chemical synthesis, and drug separation of biological protein, allowing the gradient elution of four different solvents. Two wavelengths can simultaneously monitor the process on line. The software conforms to the regulations of CFDA GXP and FDA 21 CFR Part 11, which can do the audit tracking, easily store and call methods, and complete the distillate collection under the same platform.

Advantages of Preparative Chromatography

  1. Rapidly complete the purification and preparation of compounds of small molecules and macromolecules’ active ingredients.
  2. Modular configuration and integrated distillate collection.
  3. The cam curve compensation technology can efficiently control the flow pulsation and guarantee the minimum baseline noise.
  4. The multi-point flow correction curve can ensure the flow accuracy and system repeatability within the range of full flow.
  5. The flow pump possesses the function of automatic cleaning, avoiding the residue of buffer solution and the precipitation of crystallization that may lead to blockage.
  6. The simultaneous monitoring of two wavelengths, within the range of 190nm to 800nm, can make a reliable on-line analysis for main components, by-products and impurities.
  7. It is convenient to replace lights and flow cells as well as intelligent to switch deuterium lamps and tungsten lamps to ensure the maximum of running time.
  8. High sensitive on-line detection. Supported by system, a great variety of detectors are optional, such as UV detector, ELSD detector and RI detector.
  9. With the optimization of mixer’s flow path, it can provide the best elution mixing efficiency and minimum dead volume.
  10. The flow path can be made of stainless steel 316L, PEEK, pure titanium, Hastelloy alloy or other various materials.
  11. The automatic distillate collector, with various collecting modes, can be equipped with collecting tubes with a great variety of specifications.
  12. The project management uses the database mode to manage data.
  13. Strict authority management. Electronic signature, electronic record, audit tracking function, user registration and a variety of authority setting modes.

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