Both vacuum emulsifiers and high shear dispersing emulsifiers belong to the emulsifiers. Although they seem to be used for the same purpose, there are still some differences between them. Let’s talk about it in the following.

What is a Vacuum Emulsifier?

A vacuum emulsifier at high speed can be used to rapidly and evenly distribute one or more phases into another continuous phase when the material is under vacuum condition. Using the powerful kinetic energy brought by the motor, the material in the stator fixed place suffers from the high frequency hydraulic shear, centrifugal impact and other comprehensive effects, and instantly and evenly disperse and emulsify. After circulating in high frequency, bubble free, fine and stable high quality products will be obtained eventually.

It is mainly composed of the pre-treatment pot, main pot, vacuum pump, hydraulic system, electric control system and other components. The materials in the water and oil pots are fully dissolved and vacuumed into the main pot for mixing, homogenizing and emulsifying.

It is widely used in many industries, such as bio-pharmaceutical, food, daily chemical care products, nano materials, petrochemical, papermaking, pesticide and chemical fertilizer, and other fine chemical industries.

What is a High Shear Dispersing Emulsifier?

A high shear dispersing emulsifier is a kind of equipment that can fully and uniformly refine materials. Generally speaking, it is used to shear, mix and emulsify materials. As is known to all, there are a great variety of devices used for refining materials, such as ball mill, sand mill, grinder, colloid mill, dispersing machine and high pressure homogenizer. But they have different application scenarios and refined homogenization abilities. Among them, a high shear dispersing emulsifier has the functions of refining, dispersing and homogenizing. It is primarily used for the liquid-liquid emulsification and homogenization and the liquid-solid fine dispersion.

It consists of a high speed motor, a shear emulsifying work head, a speed controller and other components. The driving machine, made of high quality engineering plastics and die-cast aluminum alloy, can run steadily. The work head, finely made of high quality stainless steel, has a wide range of applications. The stepless regulation of speed can modify the run speed at any time in experiment.

It is applicable for working under normal pressure, vacuum and positive pressure, with the advantages of stable operation, low noise, convenient clean, flexible use and continuous operation. It can do ultra-fine dispersion and emulsification.

In conclusion, a vacuum emulsifier is special for its vacuum property, while a high dispersing emulsifier reflects in its shear function. They complement each other but shouldn’t be lumped together.

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