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With extensive applications, a rotary evaporator can be used in a great number of fields. It can be applied for the extraction and concentration of substances in chemical labs, industry fields, and even the concentration of juices or food in the kitchen. Generally a rotary evaporator possesses multiple advantages, such as energy conservation, high efficiency and simple and safe operation. One of reasons contributing to its advantages can be considered as the lower boiling points of extracted substances. The boiling points will decrease under the action of vacuum degree and high temperature, which really save lots of energy and time. However, some people may wonder how the boiling points of extracted substances change, which will be further discussed in the following parts.

What Influence the Boiling Points of Extracted Substances?

The boiling point refers to a specific temperature at which the substance can change its state from a liquid to a gas. The boiling point of a substance is not fixed and it can change under certain conditions, which is related to several factors, including the vacuum degree and various substances.

Boiling Points of Extracted Substances in a Rotary Evaporator
Rotary Evaporator

  1. Vacuum Degree

The boiling point is proportional to the vacuum degree. Speaking specifically, the boiling point will decrease with reducing pressure, and increase with increasing pressure. Based on the principle, the solvents are capable of being vaporized at much lower temperature than their boiling points at the normal pressure.

  2. Various Substances

The boiling points of different substances vary from each other under the same pressure, as follows:

Most people extract cannabis at chemical labs for pharmaceutical use, entertainment use and other uses. They mostly choose to extract cannabis by a rotary evaporator, because the rotary evaporator equipment can achieve vacuum and high temperature, which get cannabis evaporated more easily than at normal pressure and temperature. When cannabis is extracted by the rotary evaporator, it’s boiling point is around 160-180°C. The rotary evaporator not only improves the purity of the cannabis in the finished product, but also removes the neurotoxic component tetrahydrocannabinol, which improves product safety, and is suitable for industrial production.

The rotary evaporator can be even used in people’s daily life as well. It is adopted to concentrate fruit juices or food very often in order to get a better taste and smoother juices. Under the action of vacuum and high temperature, the boiling point of fruit juices is around 50-60°C, which is much lower than that under normal pressure and temperature.

What is the principle of a rotary evaporator?

As we have discussed above, the principle of a rotary evaporator is that the boiling points of solvents will reduce when the pressure decreases. As a result, the solvents are capable of being vaporized at much lower temperature than their boiling points at the normal pressure.


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