Stainless Steel Emulsifying Tank

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Product Definition

A stainless steel emulsifying tank can disperse, mix and emulsify material. It utilizes the centrifugal force generated by the rotor that rotates powerfully at a high speed to toss the material from the radial direction into the narrow and precise gap between the stator and rotor. Meanwhile, the material is subjected to centrifugal extrusion, impact and other forces. It has a great variety of advantages, such as compact structure, small capacity, light weight, easy operation, low noise and stable operation. And it doesn’t grind medium during the process, and sets high speed shear, dispersion, homogenization, mixing and crushing in one.

Product Function

A stainless steel emulsifying tank can make material shear and emulsify at a high speed and make a variety of materials mixed evenly to obtain a uniform liquid. Meanwhile, it possesses the functions of heating, cooling, insulation and stirring. The tank body is designed with feed port, discharge port, pure water port and other ports, which can provide all conditions of the emulsification process.

Application Scenario

An emulsifying tank is suitable for the production of industrial products such as cosmetics, medicine, food, chemistry, dyeing, printing ink, especially for the material with high substrate viscosity and high solid content.

  1. Food and beverage: dairy product, ice cream, chocolate, soymilk, juice and fruit jam;
  2. Chemical industry: lubricating oil, grease, heavy oil emulsification, diesel emulsification, disinfectant, insecticide, photosensitive latex, rubber slurry, resin slurry, thickening agent, essence, silicone material, carbon black, magnesium oxide, titanium dioxide, anti-sticking agent, release agent, defoaming agent, sealant, etc.;
  3. Cosmetic industry: detergent, conditioner, shampoo, skin lotion, perfume;
  4. Pharmaceutical industry: injections, drug emulsion, drug cream, health care products, pharmaceutical pulp preparation;
  5. Paper industry: pulp, adhesives, injection agent, resin emulsification.

Product Features

It features simple operation, stable performance, good uniformity, high production efficiency, convenient cleaning, reasonable structure, small occupied area, high level of automation and other characteristics.

  1. Sanitary sterile grade design.
  2. Online Cleaning-In-Place (CIP) and Sterilization-In-Place (SIP)
  3. Humanized structure design, simple operation, easy maintenance, no sealing leakage and health.
  4. Appropriate diameter-height ratio, energy conservation, rapid mixing of material, high emulsification efficiency and high homogenization efficiency.
  5. Stable operation and low noise.
  6. The inner surface of the tank adopts the mirror polishing treatment. All welding places of each inlet and outlet, sight glass, manhole and other ports on the inner container adopt the arc transition of flanging technology, smooth and easy to clean without dead corner. It complies with CMP and other specifications and can ensure the reliability and stability of the process.
  7. The temperature display control and external level gauge can be equipped.

Product Parameters

Technical Specifications of Emulsifying Tank

Nominal Volume300L400L500L600L800L1000L1500L2000L3000L
Diameter (mm)Φ800Φ800Φ900Φ1000Φ1000Φ1200Φ1300Φ1300Φ1600
Height (mm)60080080080010001000120015001500
Motor Power (kw)
Rotating Speed (rpm)


Working Pressure

Normal Pressure

Basic Accessories

Thermometer, cleaning ball, level gauge (more than 500L), electric cabinet (electrical heating)

1. The above technical parameters belong to the standard configuration. Please put forward if customers have other requirements.
2. Technical parameters required by the selection of emulsifying tanks: material properties, working pressure, special requirements, etc.
  • Nominal Volume: general specifications of 300~3000L and other non-standard design.
  • Structure Forms: It is vertical type and adopts conical, elliptical and dished head. It is suitable for operations requiring sealed heating, mixing, reaction, enzymatic hydrolysis and other technological operations.
  • Jacket Forms: hollow (heat conduction oil or water), semicircle coil pipes, honeycomb jacket (as required by customers). High heating or cooling efficiency.
  • Thermal Insulation Material: It is filled with pearl wool, rock wool and polyurethane (PU) foam, having a good thermal insulation effect.
  • Exterior surface of tanks: It adopts the mirror polishing, 2B primary color matte or 2B frosting surface matte treatment, elegant and clean.
  • Stirring Device: center (partial) stirring and side stirring on the top of tanks.

Forms of Stirrers: frame type, anchor type, push type, paddle type, scraper blade type, etc.

Forms of Stirrers
Forms of Stirrers
  • Rotating speed of stirring: 2850r/min (constant speed). Or it can be equipped with stepless variable speed machine and frequency converter for regulating speed. The motor power, rotating speed and paddle form of stirring depend on material properties.
  • Forms of level gauge: glass tube level gauge, static pressure sensor type level gauge (optional).
  • Forms of supporting foot: adjustable triangular pyramid or circular tube type.
  • Accessory configuration: quick-open type sanitary manhole, sight glass, thermometer (LCD digital display or dial pointer type), respirator, CIP cleaner, feed liquid inlet and outlet, circulation port, refrigerant and heat medium inlet and outlet and other ports. The ports can be selected (added or reduced) according to the technologies.
  • Device material: The inner tank is made of SUS304 or SUS316L. The jacket is made of SUS304 or Q235-B. The exterior surface of the tank is made of SUS304.
  • Design pressure: 0.35Mpa; Working pressure: 0.25Mpa.

Product Applications

An emulsifying tank can be applied in cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries.

Product Application
Product Application

Accessory Product

Stainless steel centrifugal pump

Stainless steel centrifugal pump
Stainless steel centrifugal pump

Relevant Recommendation

vacuum emulsifying machine
vacuum emulsifying machine

Both two types of above vacuum emulsifying machines are bidirectional stirring and upper homogeneous type, which can equipped with small operation platforms as required by customers. However, there are still several differences between them as follows:

  1. The left type adopts the bidirectional tilting stirring paddle design. It focuses on the cross mixing of low viscosity material in the transverse direction. The right type adopts the bidirectional tilting screw belt stirring paddle design, which works well not only in the cross mixing of material in the transverse direction, but in the longitudinal rolling. It is more suitable for the processing of high viscosity material.
  2. The left type adopts the PLC and touch screen control, with a much clearer operation interface and more multiple functions. The right type adopts the traditional button control, with a more complex operation but a lower cost for replacing components.
  3. The oil and water boilers of the left adopts the upper dispersed design, much easier to clean. The oil and water boilers of the right adopts the lower dispersed design, with a strong dispersion intensity. The selection of dispersion methods depend on the actual needs of customers.
vacuum emulsifying machine
vacuum emulsifying machine
vacuum emulsifying machine
vacuum emulsifying machine
  1. New design. It adopts the bidirectional frame type scraping stirrer. Its blade radian, tilt angle and shape are newly designed based on a large amount of feedback data, more scientific and high efficient. The processing technology of blade adopts the seamless welding and full polishing, without dead corner.
  2. Lower homogenization. It adopts the high shear toothed homogeneous head of German technology, being capable of producing high-end emulsion products.
  3. Vacuum defoaming. It is equipped with high-power water circulating vacuum pump. The pot will be pumped into a state of negative pressure when processing the material in order to reduce the bubble in the high viscosity material.
  4. The pot cover can be lifted and the main pot can be tilted for pouring out material.

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  1. How long is the delivery term of one unit?

A: Normally it is five to ten days

  1. What specification does the device have?

A: There are various specifications from 300l to 3000l.

  1. What material does the device use?

A: The inner tank is made of SUS304 and SUS316L.

  1. Can the device with a jacket be provided?

A: Sure. The insulation layer adopts rock wool or polyurethane (PU).

  1. What is the applicable temperature?

A: The temperature of the tank body and jacket can be customized according to customers’ requirements. (0℃~160℃)

  1. What is the design pressure?

A: It is from ATM to 0.35Mpa.

After-Sales Service

Principles of After-Sales Service:

  1. In time
  2. Professional
  3. High efficiency
  4. Cooperation

Process of After-Sales Service:

1.Respond to customers’ problems in time after receiving them.

1.1 Propose a solution to customers in 24 hours if sales personnel can handle it.

1.2 If the problems require after-sales personnel to handle, send the  feedback information sheet to the after-sales personnel. They will  officially involved in dealing with customers’ problems.

2.After receiving the information sheet, the after-sales personnel should learn the specific circumstance of the customer from the sales personnel in 24 hours. Meanwhile, the sales personnel is responsible for establishing a WhatsApp with the customer, the after-sales personnel and the general manager.

3.The after-sales personnel directly get in touch with the customer via E-mail and WhatsApp, have a detailed understanding with the customer’s problem, and schedule the video call in three working days.

4.Check and preliminarily confirm the equipment failure through the first video call, and propose a effective solution.

4.1 Provide the operation scheme in 24 hours after the video call if the device can repaired through the simple operation of the customer. Schedule the second video call to guide the maintenance work on site after the customer has made preparations well.

4.11 The after-sales service can be completed if the device can work well again.

4.12 Propose another solution if the device still can not work well. The process can refer to the 4.1 and 4.2. The after-sales service can be completed if the device can work well again.

4.2 If the customer needs to hire a local technician to repair the device, send the preparation work and the maintenance process to the customer in 24 hours after the video call. Make a video call with the customer to guide the maintenance on site when the technician goes to do the repair.

4.21 The after-sales service can be completed if the device can work well again.

4.22 Propose another solution if the device still can not work well. The process can refer to the 4.1 and 4.2. The after-sales service can be completed if the device can work well again.

4.3 If the customer need replace accessories, the after-sales personnel should inform the sales personnel to deliver replacement accessories through the customer management module in joinfworld or Ding Talk in 12 hours after the video call. The sales personnel should fill in the after-sales problem order sheet in 24 hours after being informed, and inform the customer of the delivery process. After the customer receives the accessory, refer to the 4.1 and 4.2.

4.31 The after-sales service can be completed if the device can work well again.

4.32 If the device still can not work well, refer to the 4.12 and 4.22.

5.After the after-sales service, the sales personnel should send the after-sales service evaluation form, and invite the customer to rate the after-sales service.

Purpose: solve customers’ problems in three video calls.

Packing and Shipping

Product Package
Product Package


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