Chilling ethanol

Technology requirement: ethanol solvent refrigeration temperature -40 ~ -80℃

Related equipment: stainless steel tank, chiller


Technology requirements: extracting 98% of cannabinoids

Related equipment: hemp Extraction equipment, chiller


Technology requirements: removing most vegetable oil and waxes.

Related equipment: filter, pump


Technology requirements: Evaporating and recovering 90%~95% ethanol solvent
Related equipment: stainless steel reverse osmosis equipment, preheater, evaporator, heat source, cold source, pump, liquid storage tank


Technology requirements: recovering residual ethanol
Related equipment: decarboxylation reactor, heat source, cold source, pump


Technology requirements: distilling the mixture of CBD and THC
Related equipment: short path distillation, molecular distillation, heat source, cold source, pump


Technology requirements: crystallizing CBD, separatingTHC
Related equipment: crystallization reactor, high and low temperature circulating equipment, chiller, vacuum pump

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