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Henan Lanphan Industry Co., Ltd. is a professional import and export company integrating domestic trade and foreign trade business. Our company is mainly engaged in import and export of goods, technology research and development, production, sales and after-service.

 Under the efforts of our team, our agent products are exported to America, Poland, Belgium, Turkey, Iran, India, Vietnam and other countries and regions.

Hot Product

Ethanol Extraction System Method

Chilling ethanol

Technology requirement: ethanol solvent refrigeration temperature -40 ~ -80℃Related equipment: stainless steel tank, chiller


Technology requirements: extracting 98% of cannabinoids

Related equipment: hemp Extraction equipment, chiller


Technology requirements: Evaporating and recovering 90%~95% ethanol solvent
Related equipment:  reverse osmosis equipment, preheater, evaporator,cold source


Technology requirements: recovering residual ethanol
Related equipment: decarboxylation reactor, heat source, cold source, pump


Technology requirements: distilling the mixture of CBD and THC
Related equipment: short path distillation, molecular distillation, heat source, cold source, pump


Technology requirements: crystallizing CBD, separatingTHC
Related equipment: crystallization reactor, high and low temperature circulating equipment, chiller, vacuum pump

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