LPTM-XD Benchtop Autoclave Sterilizer

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What is benchtop autoclave?

Benchtop autoclave sterilizers are small appliances used to sterilize medical instruments and other materials. They use steam under pressure to kill bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Autoclaves are commonly used in hospitals, dental offices, medical laboratories, and other healthcare settings.

What is a tabletop autoclave used for?

A tabletop autoclave is a device used for sterilizing medical and laboratory equipment. It works by subjecting the instruments to high pressure steam at temperatures of up to 135°C for a certain amount of time. This process eliminates any bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other microorganisms that may be present.

How does a bench top autoclave work?

A bench top autoclave works by pumping steam into a chamber and keeping it at a set temperature and pressure for a defined period of time. The chamber remains sealed while the autoclave is in operation, allowing the steam to penetrate and kill any bacteria, molds and other pathogens present. An autoclave typically has an exhaust valve that is used to release steam and pressure when the cycle is complete.

Why is autoclaving rather than boiling water used for sterilization?

Autoclaving is usually preferred over boiling for sterilization because it is much more effective. Autoclaving reaches temperatures of 121134°C, compared to boiling at 100°C. At these higher temperatures, autoclaving is capable of killing more microorganisms, including bacteria, spores and viruses, which can survive boiling temperatures. Autoclaves also use pressure to increase the temperature and help to destroy spores, while boiling does not increase pressure.

LPTM-XD Benchtop Autoclave Sterilizer Parameter

Product Name

LPTM-XD Autoclave

Sterilizing chamber volume

20L(φ250×420 mm)

Maximum working pressure


Maximum working temperature


Adjustment of temperature




Chamber temperature equal

≤ ± 1℃

Source power

1.5KW / AC220V 50Hz

Sterilizing plate

340×200×30 mm (3 piece)


560×470×400 mm

Package dimension

790×580×580 mm

G. W/N.W

55/47 kg

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