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The heating mantle, as an intelligent one, is currently for sale.

What is a Heating Mantle?

A heating mantle refers to a laboratory device used to stir or heat samples in glass vessels according to the specific experimental requirements. It is mainly used for stirring, or simultaneously heating and stirring liquid or solid-liquid mixture with low viscosity. It features high measurement accuracy, low warm-stamping, rapid temperature rising, high temperature, simple operation and durability. The heating mantle is generally regarded as the most ideal instrument to do experiments of heating and stirring under the condition of controlling temperature accurately.

Introduction to Heating Mantle

How does a Heating Mantle Work?

The basic principle is that like magnetic fields repel each other while unlike ones attract. The magnetic stirrer placed in the container is pushed by the magnetic field for circular operation to stir liquid. With the heating temperature control system, it can heat and control the temperature of the sample according to the specific experimental requirements, and maintain the temperature condition required by the experiment, ensuring that the mixed liquid meets the experimental requirements.

Advantages of a Heating Mantle

  1. The hemispherical heating mantle can ensure a large heating area and high temperature rising speed.
  2. The stepless speed regulation knob can keep it stable in low speed and powerful in high speed.
  3. The functions of stirring and heating are controlled by bidirectional switches and can be operated separately.
  4. The water-proof switch is safe and reliable.
  5. The glass vessels can contact with a heating mantle directly, which can not only generate high temperature, but won’t break glass vessels.
  6. Both the rotating speed and the temperature can be displayed digitally, which can be adjusted accurately.

Applications of a Heating Mantle

Widely used for heating and stirring liquid and other experiments, a heating mantle is an essential instrument for biology, genetics, medicine and health, biochemistry laboratory, analysis laboratory, and education and scientific research.

Heating Mantle Temperature Range

  • Normal Heating Mantle: The highest heating temperature can reach 400℃.
  • High Temperature Heating Mantle: The highest heating temperature is from 800 to 1000℃ due to the high temperature resistant inner sleeve weaving material is adopted.

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