Ⅰ Product Description

  1. Working Principle of Oil Press

The oil press refers to a machine that squeezes grease out of the oil by increasing the temperature to activate the oil molecules with the help of external mechanical forces.

  1. What is Home Oil Press?

The home oil press is simple in appearance, small in size and easy to move. This equipment is cost-effective, easy to operate, and high oil yield. The squeezed oil is healthy, nutritious and hygienic. A variety of raw materials can be squeezed.

  1. Product Detailed Information

Total power 350w

Rotating speed 80rpm

Net weight 10.5kg

Gross weight 13.5kg

Processing volume/day 30kg

unit price $1280

Ⅱ Instruction


Plug in the power cord and turn on the 220V power supply; Please use single-phase three-pole socket; The socket should have reliable grounding protection.


Push the power switch “10”; when the power indicator “11” is on, it means there is electricity.


Press the heating switch to heat for about ten minutes; there is no need to turn off the heating switch during oil pressing; heating is automatic temperature control.


Pour the ingredients into a frying stove or an iron pan to fry; at least half-cooked; the more cooked the ingredients, the more fragrant the oil will be.


Pour the fried ingredients into hopper “2”; the fine-tuning handwheel “3” is turned clockwise until it stops; Make another turn. Adjust the fine-tuning handwheel according to the dry humidity of the oil residue during the oil pressing process; subject to the dryness of the slag. Because it is difficult to turn the adjusting handwheel when there is material in the press chamber, a small amount of raw materials are put in during debugging. When the slag is thick and the oil is not clean, adjust the gap between the frying cavity and the pressing rod in a clockwise direction.

If the gap is too small, adjust it counterclockwise; It is not recommended that the clearance be too small, otherwise the press chamber will be worn.


Press the oil extraction button “15”to start oil extraction; If you encounter an abnormal situation, press the motor stop button “14”; if foreign matter enters the pressing chamber, stop pressing the oil immediately; press the reverse button “13”; after exiting the foreign body to clean up, restart the oil extraction.


After the oil extraction is completed, run idling for 3-5 minutes and press the motor stop button “14”; ten minutes before the end of oil pressing, press the heating switch “12” to stop heating; unplug the power switch to stop.


Cleaning Method

    1. Place the freshly squeezed oil; remove the hopper; flip up the front cover.
    2. Remove the compression screw
    3. Remove the squeeze chamber
    4. Remove the squeeze rod
    5. After cleaning the squeezing chamber and squeezing rod, dry them for later use or assemble them.(There will be water rust for more than 8 hours.)

Ⅲ Merit

    1. Simple and convenient operation
    2. Small size and easy to move; does not take up space
    3. It is practical and can squeeze a variety of raw materials.
    4. High oil yield and low squeezing cost
    5. Healthy, hygienic, nutritious, pure oil
    6. Easy to clean

Ⅳ Attention

1. Selection of Raw Materials

a. Raw materials that can be squeezed: Peanuts; black sesame; white sesame with skin; Soybeans; tea seed kernels; hemp kernels; walnut kernels; rapeseed; sunflower seeds;                        etc.. (The surface can be fried to soften and then squeezed.)

b. Raw materials that cannotbe squeezed: Corn; olives; rice; pork; rice; all non-oily materials

2. When squeezing any material, stir fry at the time; otherwise the effect will not be good.

3. Machine Maintenance

    The gear box in the machine needs to be filled with lubricating oil to extend the service life of the machine when it is used for about half a year.

    a. Oil model: 320# Turbine Vortex Rod Oil

b. Filling amount: 100-150ML each time

c. Refueling cycle:More than 1500 hours of actual use (About half a year)



1. What to do if foreign matter enters the material opening?

Stop immediately; start the reverse motor; disassemble the press chamber after the foreign objects and raw materials exit; clean it before continuing to work.

2. The squeeze rod cannot be taken out of the squeeze chamber.

Reinstall the machine; it can be taken out after 5 minutes of idling.

3. What to do if there is a sudden power failure during operation for more than 30 minutes?

Turn off the power switch in time and unplug the power plug; Clean out the raw materials visible in the feed inlet; After the power is received, heat for 20 minutes before starting the motor; Under normal circumstances, you can continue to work. If the machine still cannot work after heating, you need to remove the press chamber and press rod, clean it up, reassemble it, and then turn it on again.

4. How to deal with the oil residue after pressing?

Oil residue is defatted nuts that can be made into various delicacies; or it can be used as an organic fertilizer to grow flowers and vegetables.
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