As a type of cannabis concentrate, live rosin has greatly increased in popularity because of its supercritical flavors and tastes. Many people may wonder how can we make live rosin? The following parts may be helpful for you.

What is Live Rosin?

Live rosin refers to a kind of cannabis concentrate with a dark yellow color. Like other other kinds of cannabis concentrates, live rosin is quite sticky. But unlike other kinds of cannabis concentrates, live rosin are capable of capturing flavors and aromas of the living plant materials by extraction. So live rosin is higher in terpenes than other cannabis concentrates. It is terpenes that give each strain its unique smell and taste.

How to Make Live Rosin?

It requires a professional equipment to make live rosin, which can’t be simply made by pressing frozen plant materials with a hair straightener. So how to make live rosin? There are several necessary steps to make solvent-less live rosin, which can be roughly concluded as follows:

1. Cut down cannabis, remove the fan leaves and freeze the flowers.

2. Wash the frozen cannabis buds into bubble hash, filter the hash and freeze dry it.

3. Press the fresh frozen derived bubble hash into rosin.

What Equipment can be Used to Make Live Rosin?

Rosin Heat Press Machine KP-4
Rosin Heat Press Machine KP-4

A rosin press can be considered a appropriate equipment for making live rosin. Its working process can be roughly concluded as follows. The two heated plates are pressed down onto each other, so that the enough force is generated to press the plant material that is enclosed in rosin pouches or parchment paper at high pressure. The resinous glands, containing all of the plant cannabinoids, can be loosened. At the same time, the cannabinoids will be effectively squeezed from the plant by high pressure. In the basic process of producing live rosin, no solvent is used so that there is no man-made chemicals in concentrates and no change in the flavor of rosin.

Whats the Difference between Rosin and Live Rosin?

Live rosin varies from rosin. Firstly, they looks quite different from each other. Rosin is usually semi-transparent in nature and varies in color from yellow to black, while live rosin has a a dark yellow color as well as a grainy texture.

Secondly, rosin is generally extracted from dried plant materials, hash or kief, while live rosin is extracted from frozen or fresh plant materials. The terpenes of live rosin is higher than that of rosin. So live rosin is much more flavorful than rosin, which is the main difference between them.

Furthermore, rosin is a type of solvent-free oil made by exposing plant materials to both high temperature and high pressure. But live rosin does require a solvent due to the excess liquid in fresh cannabis.

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