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A rotary vane vacuum pump is widely applied in industrial sectors, scientific research institutes and universities and colleges, which are regarded as an indispensable basic equipment for various vacuum operating systems. In order to reduce the damage to the device, it’s necessary to know how to maintain and care a rotary vane vacuum pump properly.

Maintenance Tips for Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump

  1. Keep the pump clean to prevent impurities from being sucked into the pump cavity. It is recommended to configure the filter, but the distance between the upper interface and the lower interface of the filter should be about 3/5 of the height of the entire filter. When the water solution is too much, it can be discharged by the drain plug, and then tighten the plug in time. The filter serves as buffer, cooling, filtering and other functions.
  2. Maintain oil level. The vacuum pump oil of different kinds or brands should not be mixed. In case of pollution, please replace it in time.
  3. Open the gas ballast valve for purification when it is in improper storage and water or other volatile substances go into the pump cavity. If the ultimate vacuum is influenced, the oil change should be considered. When change the pump oil, the pump should be turned on for empty operation about 30 minutes so that the oil becomes thin and the dirty oil is released. At the same time, slowly add a small amount of clean vacuum pump oil from the air inlet to wash the pump cavity.
  4. In case of pump noise increase or suddenly bite dead, cut off the power supply immediately for inspection. (Refer to 6. Failures and Solving Methods)

Why Oil is Used in Rotary Pump?

Vacuum pump oil is a kind of lubricating oil specially developed for vacuum pumps on vacuum equipment, which is divided into mineral oil and synthetic oil. It is suitable for reciprocating booster pumps, mechanical booster pumps and oil-sealed mechanical vacuum pumps. It can also be used for various diffusion vacuum pumps.

Rotary pumps must use oil for lubricating, which not only lubricates the pump bearings and other rotating components but also provides a seal between the high and low-pressure sides of the pump. In conclusion, it’s necessary to use oil in rotary pumps.

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