An essential oil extractor refers to an apparatus for extracting essential oil and pure dew. There are mainly two types of essential oil extractors in terms of different materials, which are stainless steel essential oil extractors and glass essential oil extractors. But both of them extract pure dew and essential oil by steam distillation.

How does an Essential Oil Extractor Work
              Stainless Steel Essential Oil Extractor

Working Principle of an Essential Oil Extractor

As we mentioned above, essential oil extractors extract essential oils by utilizing the principle of steam distillation, which can be used to purify or isolate heat-sensitive materials, such as natural aromatic compounds. Specifically speaking, the volatile aromatic compounds of plants are carried out by steam distillation to form oil-liquid mixture. After cooling, the mixture can be separated into the oil layer and liquid layer. The oil layer is essential oil, and the liquid layer is pure dew. They can be separated by the separator.

How to Use an Essential Oil Extractor?

It is convenient and simple to use an essential oil extractor. For example, a glass essential oil extractor extracts essential oil and pure dew by distillation, applicable for the common and isolated distillation and extraction process of plant branches, leaves, flowers and grasses with high oil and fats content, animal materials with conventional oils and fats, and aromatic oil components. With an exquisite structure and simple operation, it’s especially suitable for the extraction of essential oil and pure dew in laboratories and at home. What’s more, the stainless steel essential oil extractor is suitable for extracting pure dew and essential oil. With one key operation, it can extract essential oil rapidly in 10 minutes, and oil extraction rate is greater than 99%. The capacity is from 10L to 55L, so the water volume can be from 1.5L to 32.5L, and the volume of herbal medicine, flowers, grasses, trees or other plants can be from 0.5L to 17.5L.

Glass Essential Oil Extractor
                               Glass Essential Oil Extractor

What is the Best Way to Extract Essential Oils?

As we mentioned above, there are mainly three ways extracting essential oils. Based on different principles, all of them have advantages as well as disadvantages, which are suitable and applicable for various situations. For example, the steam distillation method isn’t applicable for extracting heat sensitive materials. And the most essential oils used for food and makeup in foreign countries prefer to using the way of cold pressing. But it is well-recognized that the steam distillation method is one of the most widely used methods for simple device, easy operation and low cost. In conclusion, the best way to extract essential oils will be determined by your requirements, such as plant materials and desired effects.

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