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As a kind of heating instrument commonly used in laboratories, an electric heating mantle can reduce the heating time of experimental objects and reduce the consumption of energy. This responds to the era of sustainable development and advocates the era of energy saving and emission reduction. Many common purification, catalysis, decomposition and other experiments require the use of electric heating mantles to heat and catalyze the reaction, so that the experiment can be better implemented. Then how to maintain and troubleshoot a heating mantle for its better use?

How do You Maintain a Heating Mantle?

  1. When not in use for a long time, keep the instrument clean and store it in a dry, non-corrosive atmosphere.
  2. Because the motor and magnet of the agitator are limited in temperature, the low-temperature biochemical incubator is used for heating test, especially for high-temperature heating test. The instrument cannot be used for heating alone. Please adjust the motor to rotate or rotate at low speed (idle) to prevent Motor, magnet, damaged by high temperature radiation.
  3. Since the glass fiber is produced with a layer of grease, it should be slowly heated for the first time. After turning off the white smoke, turn off the power supply. After the smoke is scattered, it is energized. Repeat several times until it is energized and smoked.
  4. When storing this product, keep the surrounding environment dry and do not get damp. If it is wet, please pay attention to the induction electricity when using it. Do not touch the inner core slowly. It should be heated slowly to restore good insulation performance after drying.

How do You Troubleshoot a Heating Mantle?

1.There is smog at the beginning of 110V heating mantle’s work.

There will be smog and unpleasant smell when you use heating mantle for the first time. It is normal that glassware becomes brown from white, because glass fibers contain oil and other compounds during the production process. You should place the glassware at somewhere with good ventilation, and then you can use it as usual after the color disappears.

2.The heating jacket has a set temperature of 50 degrees but the display screen shows 80 degrees.

Check whether the external sensor connection is normal or there is a problem with the electrical parameters. Firstly, adjust all parameters accurately (this will have an operation file). If it still does not work, you can adjust it automatically.

3.The actual temperature is found to be 150 degrees, but the set temperature and display screen both are 80 degrees.

It may be that the temperature measurement of the external sensor is inaccurate or there is a problem with the appliance (replace the appliance).

4.The set temperature of the heating jacket, which is 80 degrees , continues to rise after the temperature reaches the set temperature.

When the phenomenon of temperature shock happens, the temperature will automatically fall back to the set temperature after about 5 minutes. If this happens, you can set it according to the operation video provided by the company.

5.There is nothing showed up on the heating mantle display screen.

Open the bezel of the machine, then turn on the power and use an electric pen to check whether there is power at each connection point (need to take a video). The video was then sent back to the engineer to determine if the appliance was damaged.

6.The heating jacket does not heat up after a period of use.

When this happens, firstly check whether the temperature on the screen is exactly the temperature you set, and then check whether the temperature at the actual temperature increases. If it does not rise after rising for a period of time, it means that the inner sheath furnace wire is broken. If the actual temperature does not rise, it means that both inner sheath furnace wires are broken, and the inner jacket needs to be replaced. (When the high temperature heating is finished, please turn off Heating, wait for a few minutes for the temperature to dissipate, and then turn off the stirring. This can extend the life of the heating wire)

7.There is long beeping sound when heating jacket is turned on.

The temperature probe is not inserted.

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