What is a Bag Filter?

Bag Filter

A Bag filter is regarded as a type of multi-purpose clarification and filtration equipment that have a relatively small loading of particles to be removed. It features novel structure, small volume, energy conservation, high efficiency, simple, flexible and enclosed operation. As a kind of pressure filtration equipment, it is primarily composed of filter cartridge, filter cartridge cover, quick opening mechanism, stainless steel reinforced mesh of filter bag and other components.

How does a Bag Filter Work?

Bag Filter
Bag Filter

A bag filter mainly adopts side in and side out method or side in and bottom out method. The filtrate flows into the filter bag by the lateral inlet pipe of the filter shell. The filter bag is actually installed inside the reinforced mesh basket. The liquid penetrates through the filter bag with the required fitness level for obtaining qualified filtrate, while the impurity particles are intercepted by the filter bag. The internal and external surfaces adopt mechanical sandblast polishing, which is quite easy to clean.

What are Bag Filters Used for?

Bag Filter

A bag filter possesses the advantages of reasonable structure, excellent sealing performance, strong flowing capacity and simple operation. It can be applied in a great number of fields, such as chemical engineering, pharmaceutical, automobile, food and electroplate industry.

  Uses in Electronic Industry

In electronic industry, a bag filter can be used to remove impurities in the electrolytic copper foil stabilization tank, and filter cooling water, chemical slurry, PCB printing ink, chip grinding waste water and other materials. With a simple operation, a bag filter can improve working efficiency, enhance uniformity of product quality as well as reduce the filtration cost.

  Uses in Food and Beverage Industry

In food and beverage industry, a bag filter can be used to intercept carbon film and filter aid in sugar making, polish cooking oil, remove impurities produced in the blending process and suspension and sediment in beverage as well as filter various raw materials. With a relatively low operation and investment cost, it can improve product quality by enhancing gloss and purity of products.

  Uses in Pharmaceutical Industry

In pharmaceutical industry, a bag filter can be used to recycle active raw materials and catalysts, remove active carbon, and filter medicinal syrup, plant extract, PH adjustment solution, and crystallization solution. It’s useful for recycling precious materials and improving medicine purity.

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