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Introduction to CBD

The cannabidiol (Cbd) is a natural compound extracted from hemp or cannabis plant. Generally, Cbd possesses a high boiling point under the normal atmospheric condition, which is quite difficult for distillation. As we all know, boiling point can be changed under various circumstances. So under the condition of vacuum, Cbd can get a lower boiling point, which can not only get rid of the oxidazition of the product, but also reduce the heat exposure. The boiling point of Cbd under atmospheric pressure is 160-180°C , while the boiling point of Cbd under vacuum is 156-250°C.

How Should CBD be Extracted?

More and more researches have shown that Cbd can be used in the pharmaceutical field due to it is capable of reducing anxiety and pressure, relieving pain as well as treating cancer. There are also many other potential medicinal properties and health benefits of Cbd. So how should Cbd be extracted?

Cbd can be properly extracted by using Cbd extraction equipment. They can be classified into several types based on the different solvent used in the extraction process, mainly including the ethanol extraction equipment, CO2 extraction equipment and butane extraction equipment. They all have advantages and disadvantages. The ethanol extraction equipment uses ethanol as the solvent to extract Cbd. The ethanol is relatively cheap and easy to get, but it’s dangerous because of its high flammability. The CO2 extraction equipment adopts CO2 as the extraction solvent, which is one of the best methods to extract Cbd. It can produce a relatively pure and safe Cbd, which is effective. But the equipment is expensive and the extraction process requires a much advanced laboratories. The butane extraction equipment use butane as the extraction solvent, which is effective but may contaminate Cbd.

Does Heat Destroy CBD Oil?

The effective of Cbd can be enhanced by heating the oil, but some of the active components may be killed at higher temperatures. As we mentioned above, the boiling point of Cbd under atmospheric pressure is 160-180℃, while the boiling point of Cbd under vacuum is 156-250℃. The Cbd oil shouldn’t be placed in direct sunlight and intense heat.

Distillation Used for Edibles

Distillation is used widely in chemical, biochemical and industrial fields. Besides, it is also widely used in food field in our kitchen. People often use distillation to concentrate juice or get purer food, or extract substance from mixtures. There are some examples of using distillation in our kitchen:

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