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How to use the electric heating mantle correctly

heating mantle

As a kind of heating instrument commonly used in laboratories, electric heating mantle reduce the heating time of experimental objects and reduce the consumption of energy. This responds to the era of sustainable development and advocates the era of energy saving and emission reduction.we often see the electric heating mantles in lab,the how to use […]

The precautions of using the electric heating mantle

heating mantle

As the saying goes, the man is just what his name shows, and this truth is also reflected in the electric heating mantle.electric heating mantle,just as its name shows,Mainly heated by electronic pressure is a common heating instruments in lab.with the advantage of high temperature,fast heating,easy to operate, it is considered the most ideal […]

The difference between oil bath and heating mantle

When we conduct an experiment,we can find there are many common character between the instruments.for example,the oil bath can be used as water bath,it can greatly increase our working efficiency and saving the lab cost.we maybe have a doubt,can heating mantle be used as oil bath?For this question,Today I will give you a simple introduction […]