Vacuum Sintering Furnace

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Product Description

The SY2 series vacuum sintering furnace is a kind of equipment for heating in a vacuum environment. It is connected with a high vacuum pump system by a pipe in a furnace chamber sealed by a metal cover or a quartz glass cover. The vacuum degree of furnace chamber can reach 133×(10-2~10-6)Pa. The heating system in the furnace can be directly heated by resistance furnace wires (such as tungsten wires), or can be heated by high-frequency induction heating. The highest temperature can reach around 3000℃. Mainly used for ceramic firing, vacuum smelting, degassing of electric vacuum parts, annealing, brazing of metal parts, and ceramic-metal sealing, etc.

Vacuum Sintering Furnace
Vacuum Sintering Furnace

Product Application

SY2 series vacuum furnaces are widely used in the heat treatment of metal materials in low vacuum, reducing and protective atmospheres, and can also be used in the heat treatment of special materials, such as the development of carbonization processes for carbon products.

Product Advantages

  1. The oxidation and decarburization of the surface of the workpiece during the heating process are completely eliminated, and a clean surface without deterioration layer can be obtained.
  2. No pollution to the environment, and no need to deal with the three wastes.
  3. The accuracy of furnace temperature measurement and monitoring is obviously improved. The indicating value of the thermocouple and the temperatureof furnace reach ±1.5℃. However, the temperature difference between a large number of workpieces in the furnace is relatively large, if the forced circulation of rare gas is adopted, the temperature difference can still be controlled within the range of ±5℃.
  4. High degree of mechatronics. On the basis of improving the accuracy of temperature measurement and control, workpiece movement, air pressure adjustment, power adjustment, etc. can be pre-programmed and set, and quenching and tempering can be implemented step by step.
  5. Significant energy saving. Modern advanced vacuum furnace heating chamber adopts thermal insulation walls and barriers made of high-quality thermal insulation materials, which can highly concentrate the electric heating energy in the heating chamber, and the energy-saving effect is significant.
  6. The heat preservation material in the furnace adopts alumina ceramic fiber, which has good heat preservation and energy saving effect. The outer closed vacuum tank is equipped with a double-layer water cooling system. The whole machine has a novel structure and is easy to operate.
  7. The size, vacuum degree and operating temperatureoffurnace chamber can be customized according to customer needs. The highest vacuum degree can reach 10-6Pa.

Product Structure

The vacuum sintering furnace is generally composed of a host, a furnace chamber, an electric heating device, a sealed furnace shell, a vacuum system, a power supply system, a temperature control system, and a transport vehicle outside the furnace.

The sealed furnace shell is welded with carbon steel or stainless steel, and the joint surface of the detachable part is sealed with a vacuum sealing material. In order to prevent the furnace shell from being deformed after heating and the sealing material is heated and deteriorated, the furnace shell is generally cooled by water cooling or air cooling. The furnace chamber is located in the sealed furnace shell. According to the purpose of the furnace, different types of heating elements are installed inside the furnace chamber, such as resistors, induction coils, electrodes, and electron guns. There are crucibles in the chamber of the vacuum furnace for smelting metals, and some are equipped with automatic pouring devices and manipulators for loading and unloading materials. The vacuum system is mainly composed of vacuum pump, vacuum valve and vacuum gauge.

Product Parameters

Vacuum furnaces are non-standard customized products, and the product structure can be designed according to customer requirements.

Model Heating elements Size of chamber(mm) Vacuum degree(Pa)
SV2 Resistance wire/Silicon carbon rod/Silicon molybdenum rod/Molybdenum strip/Molybdenum rod 100x100x100 1~10-6
SV2 Resistance wire/Silicon carbon rod/Silicon molybdenum rod/Molybdenum strip/Molybdenum rod 200x150x150 1~10-6
SV2 Resistance wire/Silicon carbon rod/Silicon molybdenum rod/Molybdenum strip/Molybdenum rod 300x200x200 1~10-6


  • Boot process
  1. Put the sample into the vacuum heating furnace;
  2. Lock the furnace door and ensure that all valves are closed;
  3. Turn on the cooling water (or turn on the chiller);
  4. Turn on the early mechanical vacuum pump;
  5. Open the pre-vacuum flapper valve (marked in Figure 1);
  6. After the vacuum resistance unit pressure is less than or equal to 40pa, open the diffusionpump exhaust port flapper valve(as shown in Figure 1);
  7. Turn on the diffusion pump to heat;
  8. After 45 minutes, close the pre-vacuum flapper valve and open the DN200 main exhaust valve (as shown in Figure 1).
  • Shutdown process
  1. Close the DN200 main exhaust valve;
  2. Turn off the diffusion pump heating;
  3. After 45 minutes, close thediffusionpump exhaust port flapper valve and turn off the power supply of the rotary vane pump;
  4. Turn off the cooling water.


  1. It is strictly forbidden to cut off the cooling water during the operation of the equipment;
  2. When the DN200 main valve is open, it is strictly forbidden to open and directly inflate;
  3. After the heating of the diffusion pump is turned off, the cooling water and the rotary vane pump need to continue to work for 45 minutes before they can be stopped;
  4. When the temperature control has an alarm state, it needs to stop heating and check after the vacuum system stops.


  1. After burning the materials, if the furnace chamber is found to be dark, the oven needs to be processed;
  2. After the vacuum pump works 3-4 times, the special oil for the vacuum pump (No. 100 vacuum pump oil) needs to be replaced.

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Packing and Delivery

Packing and Shipping
Packing and Shipping



Pre-Sale Service

  1. Provide 24-hour technical consultation and reply;
  2. Provide professional quotation information;
  3. Provide detailed product performance specification;
  4. According to product’s using condition, technicians will offer rationalization proposals to assist clients to select proper product types;
  5. Provide other corollary equipment according to client requirements.

In-Sale Service

  1. With supervision from the source of products, the qualified rate of raw materials entering the factory can reach 100%;
  2. Whole manufacturing process are in strict accordance with promised procedure requirements, product qualified rate can reach100%;
  3. Provide product’s inspection record of key junctures to customers;
  4. Provide production schedule photos to customers at regular intervals;
  5. Package and transport of products are in strictaccordance with the export standard;
  6. Provide transportation schedule information to clients timely.

After-Sale Service

  1. Provide targeted installation video;
  2. Under the premise of correct installation, normal maintenance and using, we guarantee one-year warranty period;
  3. When warranty period has expired, our sold products enjoys lifetime guarantee repair, we only charge cost price for changing product’s standard component and sealing component;
  4. During installation and adjustment period, our after-sale service staff will communicate with customers frequently to know product’s running state in time. Assist customers to install and adjust products until customers are satisfied;
  5. If product has malfunction during operation period, we’ll offer you satisfied answer in time. We’ll reply you within 1 hour and provide solution or send staff to spot within 24 hours after receiving maintenance notification;
  6. Lifelong free technical support. Conduct satisfaction survey and inquiry equipment running condition to clients by telephone or e-mail semiannually from the first day of equipment running, put on records of acquired information;
  7. Provide assistance in solving problems such as equipment damage in the transport.

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