Solvent Recovery Machine

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Solvent Recovery Machine Description

Solvent recovery machine is a special equipment to regenerate and recycle waste organic solvents. Discarded or colored waste solvents (such as diluent, EA, CH2Cl2, xylene and most of the organic solvents used for cleaning) are reduced to clean solvents through this equipment, and then put into production or experiments to achieve multiple use of solvents.

Solvent Recovery Machine Advantage

Performance Advantages:

  1. Automatic feeding function: automatic operation of equipment, automatic feeding and stop feeding, liquid level control
  2. Explosion-proof observation window: monitor and view the recycling process at any time;
  3. Explosion-proof sound and light alarm system: 12 safety designs are convenient and safe;
  4. Operation mode: one-key start; automatic feeding, recycling, shutdown
  5. Slag discharge method: dumping; safe and convenient handling;
  6. Feeding method: automatic feeding is more efficient and safe;
  7. The whole machine adopts explosion-proof structure; the performance is safe and stable;
  8. The internal heat exchange area is increased and the recovery rate is faster.
  9. OMRON CNC heating segment recovery: color display digital temperature control, dual-stage heating, three-stage timing recovery

Security Advantages:

  1. Feeding overtime protection:If the feeding is not completed within the preset time, close the feeding valve, shut down and alarm;
  2. Feeding liquid level protection: When the feeding liquid level reaches the working liquid level, the feeding valve is closed; the system enters the recovery program.
  3. Over-level protection: If the feeding liquid level reaches the ultra-high liquid level, close the feeding valve, shut down and alarm;
  4. Bucket negative pressure monitoring and protection: The vacuum value is detected after the preset time is reached; if the preset value is not reached, shutdown and alarm;
  5. Bucket positivepressure monitoring and protection: Real-time monitoring of pressure; when the preset pressure value is exceeded, the equipment stops heating and alarms;
  6. Over temperature protection: When the oil temperature reaches the over-temperature set value, the equipment stops heating and alarms.
  7. Cooling water shortage protection: If the cooling water failure causes poor cooling effect, the machine will be shut down and alarmed;
  8. Solvent outlet temperature protection: If the solvent outlet temperature is too high due to poor heat dissipation, the equipment will shut down and alarm;
  9. Vacuum tank over-level protection: When the recovered liquid level reaches the over-liquid protection level, the equipment shuts down and alarms.
  10. Motor overload protection: When the motor fails and overloaded, the equipment shuts down and alarms.
  11. System overload protection: When the equipment is overloaded, the circuit breaker will automatically cut off.
  12. Power-off protection: If the equipment is powered off abnormally, the equipment will not start immediately after the power is reconnected;

Installation Environment Requirements

  1. The site is well ventilated;
  2. The equipment needs to be grounded;
  3. 3. All electrical appliances on site must meet explosion-proof requirements;

Working Procedures


  1. Open the exhaust system; single-phase three-wire 220V, ≧32A.
  2. Place the device in a well-ventilated and easy-to-connect location (explosion-proof switch needs to be installed, single-phase three-wire system 220V, ≧32A corresponds to A60Ex, power 5.2KW).
  3. Prepare 1 clean bucket (≥60L), 1 waste solvent bucket (60L), and 1 residue bucket. The barrels are generally metal barrels, which are solvent-resistant, anti-static, and high-temperature resistant (residue barrels);


  1. Feeding Procedure: Open the cover of the solvent recovery machine and pour in the waste liquid to be treated (≤60L, do not exceed the liquid level line); seal and lock the barrel cover as required, and place the recovery barrel at the solution outlet.
  2. Temperature Setting: First set the temperature according to the boiling point of the solvent.
  3. Temperature Setting Method:

Step 1: The heating temperature is 45-50°C higher than the boiling point of the solvent (for example: the boiling point of the solvent is 70°C, and the heating temperature is set to 120°C).

Step 2: The high temperature alarm setting is 20°C higher than the heating temperature (for example: the heating temperature is 120°C, and the high temperature setting is 140°C)

Step 3: Set the shutdown temperature, which is 15°C lower than the boiling point of the solvent (for example: the boiling point of the solvent is 70°C, and the shutdown temperature is set to 55°C).

  1. Time Setting Method:

When using the equipment for the first time, adjust the time to the maximum; the operator records the time of the first start-up, the time of clean solvent outflow, and the time of shutdown. The total power-on time is reduced by 20 minutes, which is the initial setting of the time controller. The time can be appropriately increased or decreased according to the situation of the residue in the actual operation.

  1. Operating Machine:

Turn the start switch from “OFF” to “ON” position.

Turn on the power and start the switch to the “START” position.

The running light is on, and the electric fan is running.

When the heater indicator light is on, it means that the machine has started to heat up; the machine runs automatically according to the set temperature.

The machine automatically maintains a constant temperature.

The clean solvent will automatically flow out after the warm-up time.

  1. When the device automatically shuts down, the running indicator turns off, and the electric fan stops running.The first shutdown is temperature-controlled shutdown; after shutdown, the machine is in double protection mode. The first type: temperature shutdown, for example: the shutdown temperature is set to 50℃, and it will automatically shut down when it reaches 50℃. The second: timed shutdown.
  2. Residue Cleaning:

Start switch; Turn off the knife switch that provides power. Check the heat medium oil temperature, which is very close to the residue temperature; Make sure the heat medium oil temperature is close to room temperature, open the barrel cover, pull the lock pin, dump the residue, keep the tank clean for next recycling.


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