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What is rising film evaporator

Rising film evaporator is also know as vertical long tube evaporator, rising tube evaporator.

Rising film evaporators are suitable for dilute solutions with low concentration and heat-sensitive materials.

The solution is preheated to the boiling point, added from the bottom of the heating chamber, and strongly vaporized in the heating tube. The generated vapor drives the liquid to rise in the form of a film along the pipe wall. The liquid film continues to evaporate as it rises. The solution can reach the required concentration through the heating tube.

rising film evaporator
rising film evaporator

rising film evaporator working principle

Rising film evaporator is essentially a vertical shell and tube heat exchanger. The vaporized liquid is fed into the long tube from the bottom, where steam is generated in the tube and the liquid inside boils. The steam presses the liquid against the wall of the tube and creates a lift. As more vapor is formed, there is a higher pressure inside the tube, forcing the remaining liquid against the walls of the tube, forming a film that moves upward. Therefore, this type of evaporator is called a rising film evaporator.

working principle
working principle

rising film evaporator function

Rising film evaporators are widely used in sewage treatment, polymer production, food production, thermal desalination, pharmaceutical and solvent recovery industries; Rising film evaporators are mainly used as reboilers, preconcentrators, flashers or preheaters of distillation columns.


rising film evaporator advantages

Suitable for sticky products

No need for circulation pump

Relatively high heat transfer coefficient

Can handle a small amount of suspended particles

Short residence time of liquid feed in the evaporator

Suitable for medium heat sensitive liquids, viscous liquids

rising film evaporator parameters

Model RFE-500
Evaporation Capacity(L/MIN) 500
Evaporation Temperature(℃) 55 ~ 75
Vacuum Degree(Mpa) -0.06 ~ -0.095
Buffer Tank(L) 500
Preheating Area(M2) 2
Heating Area(M2) 20
Condensing AreaM2) 20
Cooling Area(M2) 1
Coolant Collection Tank(L) 300
Charge Pump(T/H) 2
Concentrate Discharge Pump(T/H) 2
Coolant Discharge Pump(T/H) 1
Water Ring Vacuum Pump(L/MIN) 833
Material 304

design of rising film evaporator

The rising film evaporator is mainly composed of the preheater,  heater, condenser,  collection tank, charging and discharging pump, etc.

design of rising film evaporator
design of rising film evaporator

E101—Plate Preheater


E103—Plate Condenser

E104—Snake Cooler

V101—Buffer Tank

V102—Coolant collection tank

S101—Separation Chamber

S102—Gas-liquid Separator

P101—Charging Pump

P102—Concentrate Discharge Pump

P103—Coolant Discharge Pump

P104—Water Ring Vacuum Pump

rising film evaporator vs falling film evaporator

Rising film evaporators are suitable for dilute solutions with low concentration and heat-sensitive materials.

Rising film evaporators are mainly used for concentration, distillation and recovery of organic solvents

Rising film evaporator adopts decompression concentration technology, which greatly reduces energy consumption and operating cost.

Falling film evaporators are a special type of heat exchanger that can be used to concentrate solutions, especially those with heat-sensitive components.

Falling film evaporators are suitable for clean, sediment-free liquids.



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Packing and Shipping
Packing and Shipping



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