MF-02 Multistage Filter

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  Product Description

Multistage Filter
Multistage Filter

The MF-02 filter is a type of multistage filter, composed of the side-in bag filter and the core filter.

It is designed to remove fat, wax and particles.

Side-in bag filter — It can be used for rough filtration and prefiltration with a single filter bag.

Core filter — It can be used for filtration and purification of tiny impurities in the liquid with three filter elements.

  Product Parameters

MF-02 Multistage Filter
Filtration LevelRough filtrationRefined filtration
Product NameSide-in bag filterMulti-core fluid filter
Filter Material Model1#20″
Filter Material Quantity1 pc3 pcs
Filtration Accuracy10 um1 um
Maximum Flow18 T/H3 T/H
Design Pressure0.6 MPa0.6 Mpa
Filter MaterialPTFEPTFE
Sealing MaterialPTFEPTFE
Cylinder MaterialSUS304SUS304
LQF-7 Pneumatic Diaphragm Pump
Machine MaterialSS304
Maximum Working Flow31gpm(116 lpm)
Maximum Working Pressure120psi(0.84Mpa)
Fluid Inlet Dimension1in.bsp(f)
Fluid Outlet Dimension1in.bsp(f)
Air Inlet Dimension1/2in.bsp(f)
Maximum Siphon Height18ft.(5.48m)
Maximum Solid Particles Transported1/8in.(3.2mm)
Maximum Air Consumption23.66scfm

  Product Details

1. It is easy to clean with internal and external mirror polishing and no dead corner.

2. It is convenient to open and close with the quick opening design, saving manpower.

3. The side-in bag filter can save space effectively by adopting the side in and bottom out structure.

4. The side-in bag filter can ensure the good sealing between the filter and the filter bag by adopting the pressure ring and the spring pressing the collar extension of the filter bag tightly.

5. It is easy to use and can be switched casually to other systems for filtering by fixing the entire machine on the cart.

  Packing and Shipping

Packing and Shipping
Packing and Shipping




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