LF-M160F Chiller

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The air-cooled chiller is a kind of chiller. Used as a single machine, it mainly refrigerates normal temperature water to a certain temperature through the chiller’s compressor in order to cool mould or machine better, and its cooling device is an internally installed fan. It can be used for cooling laser equipment, such as laser cutting, laser marking, laser welding machine and other industrial devices. It is suitable for laboratory equipment as well. In short, any equipment requiring cooling can use air-cooled chillers basically.

Multiple Protection

Multiple Protection
Multiple Protection

Product Features

1.The air-cooled chiller adopts air cooling method, not requiring cooling tower, cooling water pump or special machine room. It is convenient and simple to install, which can be installed on the roof, ground and other outdoor places.

2.The main engine adopts the semi-closed screw compressor, which has the advantages of high efficiency, low noise, low vibration and high reliability.

3.The air side heat exchanger is copper tube sleeve aluminum fin, manufactured by heat exchanger processing equipment imported from America. The water side heat exchanger is high efficient shell and tube heat exchanger, with the advantages of compact structure, small size, light weight, good durability, high heat exchange efficiency.

4.The axial flow fan and water pump are produced by famous and professional manufacturer. The axial flow fan is made into propeller blades by using special materials, with the advantages of high efficiency, low noise, light weight, high strength and corrosion resistance. The water pump adopts high efficient vertical centrifugal pump, featuring great lift, low noise, high efficiency. The protection grade of the fan motor and water pump motor can reach IP54, which is dust-proof, splash-proof, safe and reliable to use.

5.The air-cooled chiller (hot water) unit is controlled intelligently by microcomputer, which is energy saving, safe and reliable. With convenient operation and maintenance, it can be controlled locally or remotely. The control functions are complete. It can set, display, detect and record various parameters of unit operation and provide a great variety of protections for the unit, such as high and low voltage protection, compressor power supply phase loss and over-current protection, cold water anti-freezing protection, over-load and over-heat protection for the fan motor and water pump motor.

6.The unit adopts R134a, which is a new green refrigerant.

Product Components

Both the refrigerating unit and heat pump unit are composed of five main components:




4.Throttling Device (expansion valve, capillary tube, orifice plate)

5.Electric Control Part

Basic Operation Principle

Operation Principle
Operation Principle

The air-cooled chiller utilizes the shell and tube evaporator to exchange heat between water and refrigerant. After the refrigerant system absorbs the heat of water and the water is cooled to cold water, the heat is brought to the finned condenser by the compressor, and then dissipated to the air outside by the cooling fan (air-cooled).

Product Parameters

Unit ModelLF-M160F
Power Supply SpecificationUnit220V/3P/60HZ
Nominal Refrigerating Capacitykw151.1
Nominal Power Consumptionkw54.5
Nominal Operating CurrentA162
Energy Regulation Range%0-25-50-75-100 Four stage capacity
FormSemi-closed double-screw type
Loading Levelkg53
RefrigerantControl ModeThermostatic expansion valve
Refrigerant OilCategorySpecial for compressor
Water Inlet Temperature12
Water Outlet Temperature7
Cold Water Flowm³/h26
EvaporatorInlet and Outlet ApertureDN80
Air Inlet Temperature35
Air Outlet Temperature45
Air Volumem³/h9000×8
CondenserFan Powerkw0.75×8

Main Configuration Table

No. NameBrandNotes
1CompressorTaiwan HANBELL
2Oil FilterTaiwan HANBELLThe compressor is internally installed.
3Oil HeaterTaiwan HANBELLThe compressor is internally installed.
4Oil SeparaterTaiwan HANBELLThe compressor is internally installed.
5EvaporatorCustomizedHigh Efficiency Heat Exchange Tube With Internal Thread
6Finned CondenserCustomizedDomestic Famous Brand
7Fan + MotorMalDomestic Famous Brand
8Thermostatic Expansion ValveALCOthe United States
9Dry FilterALCOthe United States
10Filter ElementALCOthe United States
11Liquid Sight GlassALCOthe United States
12Text ControllerPunpDomestic Famous Brand
13Electric ApplianceLSSouth Korea
14Pressure ControllerShanghai FENGSHENGDomestic Famous Brand
15RefrigerantJuhuaDomestic Famous Brand
16Pressure GaugeSKDomestic Famous Brand
17Fault or Lack Phase ProtectorYANGMINGTaiwan

Installation Interface Diagram

Product Installation Interface Diagram
Product Installation Interface Diagram

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