Ice Maker

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Product Description

The ice maker, also known as ice machine, is a type of refrigeration machinery and equipment that can make ice after cooling water through evaporator by refrigerant of refrigeration system. What we introduced is an ice maker that can make ice cubes. The refrigerating methods falls into air-cooled mode and water-cooled mode.

Ice Maker

Product Functions

An ice maker can make ice cubes to help cool and keep food and beverage fresh.

Product Application

It is applied in milk tea shops, sushi restaurants, seafood buffet, hot pot restaurants, other restaurants, bars, KTV, coffee houses and other places.

Product Application
Product Application

Product Advantages

  1. Large amount of ice volume. The ice volume is more important than ice-making capacity.
  2. It can work normally even when it is hot.
  3. It is made of high quality stainless steel, which is anti-rust and easy to clean.
  4. With a high efficiency of ice making, it can make ice rapidly in 12 minutes.
  5. With an arc-shaped clamshell design, it is easy to take out ice.
  6. With the booking function, it can make ice in evening and use it in day time.
  7. Long-term heat preservation can be up to 16 hours.
  8. It is equipped with mobile wheels, which is convenient to change places.
  9. It is energy conservation and silent by adopting famous brand compressors.
  10. The blue light sterilization is safe and healthly.
  11. With the one-button intelligent clean, ice cubes are more cleaner.

Product Parameters

Ice Maker

Models Capacity (kg) Ice Volume (kg) Ice Cube Tray Power(W) Voltage(V) Refrigerating Methods
IM-45/15 45 15 25 290 110/220 Air-cooled
IM-68/15 68 15 45 390 110/220 Air-cooled
IM-80/15 80 15 50 539 110/220 Air-cooled
IM-95/15 95 15 60 570 110/220 Air-cooled
IM-105/15 105 15 72 613 110/220 Air-cooled
IM-120/45 120 45 80 460 110/220 Air-cooled
IM-130/45 130 45 90 650 110/220 Air-cooled
IM-150/45 150 45 108 730 110/220 Air-cooled
IM-170/45 170 45 120 850 110/220 Air-cooled
IM-210/150 210 150 156 960 110/220 Water-cooled
IM-250/150 250 150 182 1100 110/220 Water-cooled
IM-350/150 350 150 208 1240 110/220 Water-cooled
IM-400/150 400 150 234 1420 110/220 Water-cooled
IM-450/150 450 150 273 1900 110/220 Water-cooled
IM-600/150 600 150 342 2100 110/220 Water-cooled
IM-650/150 650 150 400 2300 110/220 Water-cooled

Product Details

1. The compressors of famous brand are high efficient, energy-saving and silent.


2. The thicken polyurethane foam layer can efficiently prevent effects of ambient temperature and slow ice melting.

thicken polyurethane foam layer

3. It is high efficient to make ice with the pure copper nickel plating ice cube tray.

pure copper nickel plating ice cube tray

4. It is convenient to take out ice with the inclined window.

inclined window

5. It is more healthly for edible by using blue light sterilization.

blue light sterilization


1. How lone is the delivery term of one unit?

A: Normally, it’s 10 days.

2. What kind of water supply mode is adopted by the standard device?

A: Tap-water supply system. The barreled water supply system can be customized.

3. Can a filter be given away?

A: Sure.

4. What kind of voltage of device is available?

A: 220V/50Hz-1P, 220V/60Hz-1P and 110V/60Hz-1P.

5. Can an ice maker with a larger ice volume be customized?

A: It can be customized only when more than 100 units of ice makers are purchased.

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After-Sales Service

  Principles of After-Sales Service:

1. In time

2. Professional

3. High efficiency

4. Cooperation

  Process of After-Sales Service:

1. Respond to customers’ problems in time after receiving them.

1.1 Propose a solution to customers in 24 hours if sales personnel can handle it.

1.2 If the problems require after-sales personnel to handle, send the   feedback information sheet to the after-sales personnel. They will  officially involved in dealing with customers’ problems.

2. After receiving the information sheet, the after-sales personnel should learn the specific circumstance of the customer from the sales personnel in 24 hours. Meanwhile, the sales personnel is responsible for establishing a WhatsApp with the customer, the after-sales personnel and the general manager.

3. The after-sales personnel directly get in touch with the customer via E-mail and WhatsApp, have a detailed understanding with the customer’s problem, and schedule the video call in three working days.

4. Check and preliminarily confirm the equipment failure through the first video call, and propose a effective solution.

4.1 Provide the operation scheme in 24 hours after the video call if the device can repaired through the simple operation of the customer. Schedule the second video call to guide the maintenance work on site after the customer has made preparations well.

4.11 The after-sales service can be completed if the device can work well again.

4.12 Propose another solution if the device still can’t work well. The process can refer to the 4.1 and 4.2. The after-sales service can be completed if the device can work well again.

4.2 If the customer need hire a local technician to repair the device, send the preparation work and the maintenance process to the customer in 24 hours after the video call. Make a video call with the customer to guide the maintenance on site when the technician goes to do the repair.

4.21 The after-sales service can be completed if the device can work well again.

4.22 Propose another solution if the device still can’t work well. The process can refer to the 4.1 and 4.2. The after-sales service can be completed if the device can work well again.

4.3 If the customer need replace accessories, the after-sales personnel should inform the sales personnel to deliver replacement accessories through the customer management module in joinfworld or Ding Talk in 12 hours after the video call. The sales personnel should fill in the after-sales problem order sheet in 24 hours after being informed, and inform the customer of the delivery process. After the customer receives the accessory, refer to the 4.1 and 4.2.

4.31 The after-sales service can be completed if the device can work well again.

4.32 If the device still can’t work well, refer to the 4.12 and 4.22.

5. After the after-sales service, the sales personnel should send the after-sales service evaluation form, and invite the customer to rate the after-sales service.

Purpose: solve customers’ problems in three video calls.

Packing and Shipping

Non-fumigation wooden boxes are used for package.

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