High Temperature Circulating Oil Bath

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Product Description

The high temperature circulating oil bath pot can be used together with the rotary evaporator and is widely used in various reaction heating. The pot body can be raised and lowered freely, all stainless steel pot body, heating ring, built-in probe.

It has the advantages of rapid temperature rise, uniform temperature, high precision temperature control, built – in circulation pump, never oil leakage, etc.

Product Features

The kettle body is made of stainless steel materials,integrated molding process, beautiful and durable without oil leakage.

An insulating material is added between the inner tank and the outer shell to maximize the temperature and improve work efficiency.

The circulating pump adopts stainless steel high temperature shield pump, which has the advantages of stable performance, reliable quality and no leakage.

The circulating pump adopts the built-in way, so that the highest temperature degree can endure to 300 degrees and never leak.

Digital display temperature control has simple operation and is eye-catching with PT100 sensor accurate temperature measurement.

The temperature control program is controlled by P.I.D, which has the advantages of high precision temperature control, fast stabilization time and small temperature shock.

The circulating system is made of stainless steel, which has the advantages of anti-rust and anti-corrosion.

It uses solid-state relay control circuit, has no contact, and no open flame, which can increase life.

Precautions for Use

When using the oil bath, it must be refueled first and then electrified. Dry burning is strictly prohibited.

When using the oil bath, it must be reliably grounded to ensure safe use.

The oil level is lower than the heating tube, do not energize, so as to avoid the heating tube bursting and damage.

The oil level should not be too high, so as to avoid damage to the components caused by the overflow of the electrical box. If the oil level is too high, it will overflow and flow along the shell to the ground.

Regularly check whether the screws of each contact are loose. If it is loose, it should be tightened to keep the contact of each electrical appliance in good contact.

Wear protective gloves when using to avoid burns.

Operating Method

Connect the power supply,turn on the control switch.The upper row of the display window will display “division number and version number”, and the lower row will display “range value”, which will enter the normal display state after about 3 seconds.

Click the “setting” key to enter the temperature setting state. The display window will display the prompt “SP” in the bottom row, and the upper row will display the temperature setting value (first the bit value flashes). The required setting value can be modified by shifting, increasing or decreasing the key.Click the “setting” button again to exit the setting state and the modified setting value will be saved automatically.

Product Application

High temperature circulating oil bath provides heat source for various devices that need to be heated. It can be used alone or in combination with double-layer glass reactors. It can be divided into water bath, oil bath, circulating oil bath, air-cooled circulating water/oil bath and other types. Customers can choose according to their needs.

Product Parameter

Product name Hightemperature circulating oilbath
Type GY-5 GY-10、20 GY-30、50 GY-80、100
Matching double-layer reactor 1-5l 10-20l 30-50l 80-100l
The main material 304stainless steel
Volume(l) 12 28 50 71
Oil pump power(w) 40 120
Heating power(kw) 2 3 5 8
Voltage/frequency 220v/50hz 380v/50hz
Flow rate l/min 5–10
Up and down distance(m) 8–12
In and out of the oil nozzle 20mm 25mm
In and out of the tubing Stainless steel bellows
Temperature control mode Intelligent temperature control
Temperature display K-type sensor digital display



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