HFD-6 Home Freeze Dryer


high-end compressor

LCD screen control system

The door of the drying chamber is made of colorless and transparent plexiglass

The host adopts the international standard KF quick connector

Stable performance, easy operation and low noise.

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  1. The machine adopts a high-end compressor, which can cool quickly and have a low temperature in the cold trap.
  2. LCD screen control system, easy to operate and powerful.
  3. The door of the drying chamber is made of colorless and transparent plexiglass, which can clearly observe the whole process of freeze-drying.
  4. The vacuum pump connected to the host adopts the international standard KF quick connector, which is simple and reliable.
  5. The machine has stable performance, easy operation and low noise.


Product NameHFD-4 Vacuum Freeze Dryer
Power (w)1550
Cold Trap Temperature≤-35℃
Drying Temperature-25~+60℃
water capture capacity4KG
baffleFour heated baffle
baffle dimension210mm*435mm
material tray dimension200mm*425mm, 4 pcs

Working Condition

  1. Operating Conditions:

Ambient temperature: 10℃~25℃

Relative humidity: ≤70%

Power supply voltage: single-phase 220V±10% 50Hz

The freeze dryer should be placed horizontally in a place free from conductive dust, explosive, corrosive gases and strong electromagnetic fields.

  1. Transportation and storage conditions:

Ambient temperature: -35℃~50℃

Relative humidity: ≤93%

The freeze dryer should be stored in a place with good ventilation and no corrosive gas.

Freeze Drying Technology

Vacuum freeze-drying technology is the gentlest way to dry substances. It is based on the principle of sublimation, the physical phenomenon in which a solid state is directly transformed into a gaseous state.

The material is dried in a vacuum drying chamber, and the water vapor evaporated from the material is re-condensed into ice by the cold trap to achieve the purpose of eliminating water vapor.

The vacuum pump is only used to remove the air from the drying chamber and does not include water vapor.

The baffle is equipped with a heating device and transfers heat to the material through conduction to provide the energy required for sublimation.

When the free water in the material is sublimated, the bound water inside can also leave the material under very low vacuum. This drying process is considered the final stage of drying- analytical drying.

Installation Steps

  1. Check whether the accessories are complete and damaged according to the packing list;
  2. Add vacuum pump oil to the vacuum pump.
  3. Connect the air inlet of the “vacuum pump” to the “evacuation tube” with a quick clamp. Connect the other end of the “evacuation tube” to the “evacuation interface” of the host;
  4. Connect the “vacuum pump power plug” to the host “vacuum pump power supply” interface;
  5. Plug the power cord into the mainframe “mains power” connector. Connect the other end of the power cord to the power supply 220V, 50Hz;
  6. Turn on. Follow the steps in the manual to test the various indicators of the equipment and put it into use. (vacuum degree <15Pa, cold trap temperature <-35℃)

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