GDSZ-5 Series High and Low Temperature Circulation System

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Product Description

In the entire system of the GDSZ-5 Series High and Low Temperature Circulation Device, the liquid circulation is sealed. The system has an expansion vessel that does not participate in the liquid circulation and is insulated from the liquid circulation, just a mechanical connection. Regardless of whether the temperature of the liquid circulation is high or low, the medium in the expansion vessel is less than 60 degrees. The entire liquid circulation is a closed system. There is no inhalation of water vapor at low temperatures, no oil mist at high temperatures, and the heat transfer oil can have a wide operating temperature.

Precautions for Use

The inlet and outlet ports must have safety devices.

When the device is used, there is no abnormal noise.

Cut off the power completely before opening the case.

When the device is in use, there should be enough space around it.

The device should be placed in a ventilated, dry, non-polluting location.

There should be no obstacles or blockages on the louvered holes on both sides.

When the power is connected for the first time, please pay attention to the correct phase.

Distance from other equipment should be more than 85cm to ensure good heat dissipation.

Pay attention to the condition of the heat transfer oil. If there is any discoloration, please contact the heat transfer oil manufacturer.

The oil level indicator of this machine is marked with a safe liquid level, and the liquid level can be observed after adding liquid.

There is a refrigerant in the closed refrigeration system, which is a high-pressure gas, and only professional technicians can repair the refrigeration system.

Routine maintenance of the equipment must be carried out. Pipes and lines should be inspected once a month and the heat transfer oil should be observed.

The equipment system is designed to has a pressure capacity of 0.3MP, which will automatically relieve pressure when it is higher than the design pressure.

Product Parameter

Environment Humidity≤60℃≤60℃
No-load Minimum Temperature-20℃-40℃
Voltage220V±10% 50HZ220V±10% 50HZ
Heating Power2000W2000W
Cooling Power1956-602W1956-602W
Meter Temperature Range-100℃-400℃-100℃-400℃
Temperature Accuracy±0.1℃±0.1℃
Medium Viscosity500C.S.T500C.S.T
Circulating Pump Power100w100w
Pump Head7m7m
Cooling mechanismClosed compressorClosed compressor
Cold mediumR22R22
specificationClosed leak-free pumpsClosed leak-free pumps



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