GDSZ-10 Series High and Low Temperature Circulation System

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What is High and Low Temperature Circulation System?

In the entire system of the GDSZ-10 Series High and Low Temperature Circulation Device, the liquid circulation is sealed. The system has an expansion vessel that does not participate in the liquid circulation and is insulated from the liquid circulation, just a mechanical connection. Regardless of whether the temperature of the liquid circulation is high or low, the medium in the expansion vessel is less than 60 degrees. The entire liquid circulation is a closed system. There is no inhalation of water vapor at low temperatures, no oil mist at high temperatures, and the heat transfer oil can have a wide operating temperature.


Operation Instructions

Please connect this device’s outlet to the inlet of the reactor, and connect this device’s inlet of the equipment to the outlet of the reactor to make it a closed loop system with the reactor.

The equipment adopts three-phase five-wire system (three fire wires, one neutral wire and one ground wire) to connect the power supply. If the phase sequence is in error (the phase sequence protector indicator in the circuit is red), swap any two live line positions until the phase sequence protector indicator is green.

Open the top cover of the refill tank, add the heat transfer oil to the middle oil level of the expansion vessel liquid level indicator; open the exhaust valve, turn on the power, press the liquid button to start adding heat transfer medium to the system. Until there is liquid overflowing from the exhaust port. (At this point, most of the gas in the system has been removed).

Close the exhaust valve, turn on the “run button”, set the temperature to 150 degrees, and continue to exhaust. After reaching 150 degrees, reset the temperature to 25 degrees. Run back and forth twice.

After the total dosing is completed, the liquid level of the expansion tank at 25 degrees shall be at the specified liquid level and shall not exceed or fall below the calibration level. (Exhaust valve closed)

Product Details

“Cycle” button: Circulation output switch key.

“Refrigeration”, “Heating” button: Key to allow cooling and heating.

“Power” button: Only switches the display of the controller itself and all outputs.

“Setting” button: In the normal display state, click this button to enter the temperature setting state. Press and hold this button to enter the internal parameter setting state.

control panel
control panel

Product Parameter

Product Name High and Low Temperature Circulation System
Product Model GDSZ-10
Matching Reactor Volume 10L
Storage Tank Volume 10L
Optimum Environment Temperature ≤25℃
Environment Humidity ≤60℃
Voltage 220V±10% 50HZ
Heating Power 2000W
Temperature Accuracy ±0.1℃
Sensor PT100



Packing and Shipping

Packing and Shipping
Packing and Shipping




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