DLSB 100L-80 Chiller

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Product Description

The DLSB 100L-80 Chiller adopts the air-cooled fully enclosed compressor unit for cooling and the microcomputer intelligent control system. It can provide low-temperature circulating cooling water (liquid) or low temperature thermostatic water (liquid) to cool equipment or keep equipment at a constant temperature, such as rotary evaporator, fermentation tank, electron microscope, low temperature chemical reactor, electron spectrometer, mass spectrometer, density meter, freeze dryer, vacuum coating apparatus, reactor and other equipment.



Product Features

The system features compact structure, less land occupation, high cooling and heating efficiency.

The large size color touch screen can clearly display the real-time temperature change during the process engineering.

The circulating pump and compressor can work continuously at low temperature, control heat dissipation and protect the system from damage.

The overhead design of the fan can meet more heat dissipation requirements. It is convenient and quick to maintain the equipment with the door and window type opening and closing design.

The circulating pump adopts the shield pump to solve the leakage problem of the circulating pump.

Precautions for Use

1. Check whether the inlet and outlet valves of the refrigeration equipment can be normally opened and the pressure is in the normal range.

2. Check whether the power supply of each device is turned on.

3. Put the secondary refrigerant of more than 97% ethanol into the reservoir before using a low temperature coolant circulation pump. The liquid level of the medium should submerge the coil pipes inside the reservoir.

4. Check the power supply: The power of the power supply should be greater than the total power of the equipment, and the power supply should be well grounded.

5. The equipment should be placed in a dry and ventilated place. There is no obstacle around it within 500mm.

6. Pay attention to the liquid level in the reservoir. Add the secondary refrigerant in time when the liquid level is too low.

7. The temperature of the inlet and outlet pipes is relatively low during the working time, so don’t touch them in case of frostbite.

8. All switches should be turned off and the power supply should be cut after use.

9. Clean the condenser regularly to prevent the use efficiency of the product being reduced because of too much dust.

Product Parameters

Product Name Chiller
Product Modle DLSB 100L-80
Reservoir Volume(L) 103.8
Reservoir Dimension(mm) 470x470x470
No-load Minimum Temperature (℃) -80
Cooling capacity (W) 845~43953
Total Power (W) 18145
Current (A) 31.8
Circulating Pump Power (w) 280
Circulating Pump Flow (L/min) 30
Circulating Pump Head (M) 12
External circulation interface (mm) 19

Product Details

The large size color touch screen can clearly display the real-time temperature change during the process engineering.

structure of chiller 




Packing and Shipping

Packing and Shipping 

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