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As a commonly used biochemical instrument, the jacketed glass reactor is extensively used in modern fine chemical, bio-pharmaceutical, scientific research and other industries. It can concentrate, distill, reflux, separate and purify materials under constant speed, constant force and constant temperature, which is a ideal instrument for teaching, experiment, pilot test and production. It is necessary to learn some troubleshooting knowledge of a jacketed glass reactor for its better use.

Simple Troubleshooting of Jacketed Glass Reactor




Turn on the power switch but the indicator light does not light. External power supply is not connected or has poor contact Ask a professional electrician to check the power supply and outlet.
Fuse short circuit Set the power switch to the off position and replace the fuse.
The power indicator is on but not rotating. Rotating shaft rust Stop using and contact the supplier
Malfunction of motor or electrical box
Five-pin plug not connected Reconnect the five-pin plug
The vacuum suddenly disappears There is crack in the glass and the switch is broken. Check the glass parts,replace the switch
There is a vacuum, but i can’t pump air. Seal ring is worn out, and vacuum connection  switch leaks. Replace the seal and switch
Vacuum is abnormal There is dirt on the steel shaft and the connector is loose Please remove the dirt to check vacuum gauge and vacuum pump
Vacuum hose aging Replace the vacuum hose
The main mandrel is loose left and right Tightening screw Screw tight
Motor temperature is too high(room temperature plus 40 is normal) Overload Stop, turn the shaft by hand to feel whether it is heavy. Remove the dirt on the contact part between the sealing ring and the glass shaft, and apply vacuum grease
The speed display does not match the actual Voltage is unstable, there is error in itself Contact the supplier
Enclosed charged Heat pipe has cracked water Please check with a professional electrician

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