RE-2000B 1L Rotary Evaporator

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Product Description

RE-2000B 1L rotary evaporator is a newly designed new generation smart rotary evaporator, digital display of temperature, control part use high-performance single chip as main control chip, adopt special control program according to controlled member, beauty in appearance and stable in property. Besides, it has reserved updating connector, which can update software to meet client requirements.Rotary evaporator, also known as rotovap or rotavap, is a common used lab instrument in chemical laboratory. It is mainly used for the continuous distillation of large amount easily volatilized solvents under negative pressure. Especially for the concentration of extract liquor and distillation of receive liquid when chromatograph. Because evaporator is vacuumized, to be distilled solvent’s boiling point depressed. In general, ingredient which is distilled form sample is the target ingredient in chemical research, such as extracting some natural ingredient from organic synthesis sample. Rotary evaporator mostly is used for isolating low-boiling ingredient, such as hexane, ethyl acetate, that presenting liquid state under room temperature and normal pressure. Besides, it can dislodge some ingredient in sample by standard operation.

Product Parts

Water bath kettle uses Teflon material, full sealed heater, excellent heat protection and energy-saving effect.
Water Bath
Water Bath
Digital display of temperature, electronic stepless speed regulation, operate stably;Humanized operation system, seesaw type button is easy to handle and fast.
Teflon and fluororubber are double sealed to maintain high vacuum.
Double seal
Double seal
Equipped with efficient vertical condensate glass component, condensation area can reach up to 1500cm². The condensation speed is fast, and the recovery rate almost 100%.
Condenser Tube
Condenser Tube

Product Parameters

Basic ParameterTypeRE-2000B
Glass MaterialGG-17
Support MaterialAluminum alloy
Shell MaterialTeflon recombination, full-closed heating
Volume of Rotary Bottle1L 24# Standard Aperture
Volume of Recycling Bottle1L 35# Standard Aperture
Vacuum Degree0.098Mpa
Rotating Power40W Brushless Electric Machine
Rotating Speed0-180rpm
Heating Power1.5KW
Temperature Control Range of Bath Kettle0-99℃
Temperature Accuracy±1℃
Voltage/Frequency (V/Hz)220V/50Hz
Up and Down Distance120mm
Shape Size(mm*mm*mm)660*420*830
Package Size(mm*mm*mm)630*560*540 0.19m³
Package Weight (KG)26
Function AllocationSpeed Adjustment ModeElectrodeless Speed Regulation
Rotating Speed Display ModeDigital Display
Temperature Display ModePT100 Sensor digital display
Temperature Control ModeSmart Temperature Control
Sealing ModeTelfon Sealing
CondenserVertical Condenser 85*430mm
Up and Down ModeAutomatic Up and Down of Main Engine
Continuous Charging19# Standard Aperture Feeding Valve
Optional EquippingAnti-splash DeviceEquipping Transparent Cover of Bath Kettle
Heating Methodoil bath 0-400℃
Material of Bath Kettlewhole 304 stainless steel
Our company’s laboratory glass and laboratory instruments are independent research and development, which are available for custom-made according to client requirements.

Packing List

Machine PartGlass Part
Head with the motor1 setRotary Bottle1 pc
Host1 unitRecycling bottle1 pc
Control box1 pcCondenser1 pc
Bath pot1 unit19# feeding valve1 pc
Recycling bottle clamp1 pcAdapter1 pc
PTFE Tube1 pcGlass Shaft1 pc
Heating wire1 pc
Fasten Screw1 pc
PTFE Flask remover1 pc
Nut with pad2 sets
Spare Parts
Operation Manual1 pc10A fuse2 pcs
Warranty Card1 pcSealing gasket1 pc
Quality Certificate1 pcPacking List1 pc

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Packing and Shipping
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