Pilot Vacuum Freeze Dryer (0.4㎡)

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freeze dryer

Working Principle

The interaction of the solid, liquid and gaseous state of water.

Under vacuum condition, the lyophilizer uses the principle of sublimation to sublimate the water in the frozen material directly into water vapor in the state of ice without melting ice, thus achieving the purpose of freeze-drying.

Freeze-dried products made by freeze-drying mechanism usually have very low residual moisture, no shrinkage and spongy porous shape, with good rehydration. Packaged products can also be stored and transported for a long time at room temperature.

Freeze-drying machine is widely used in food processing and other fields.

Freeze Drying Advantages

  1. The freeze-dried material retains its original structure well and will not shrink.
  2. Since the water in the material exists in the form of ice crystals after pre-freezing, the inorganic salts dissolved in the water are evenly distributed in the material.
  3. The freeze-drying machine is used to dry materials in the frozen state. The heat source requirements are not high, the room temperature heater can meet the requirements, more energy saving and consumption reduction.

Pilot Vacuum freeze dryer (0.4㎡) Features

  1. Drying chamber door and cold trap door are made of aviation acrylic material with high strength and no leakage.
  2. Seven-inch true color industrial touch screen, high control precision, stable performance, simple operation.
  3. International famous brand compressor, high efficiency, energy saving, more stable.
  4. Air filling valve and water discharge valve adopt high vacuum safety diaphragm pump, which can be connected with inert gas to extend the shelf life of materials.
  5. Two modes. Manual mode is used to explore the process; Automatic mode is used for mature processes.
  6. It can monitor the operating status of the partition temperature, cold trap temperature and vacuum degree in real time.
  7. Provides the data export function.
  8. Switch the temperature control mode at any time.
  9. Can check the temperature, vacuum and other curves at any time.
  10. You can set the user level permission password to access the operation management by permission.
  11. This machine can store 40 groups of freeze-drying process, each group of process can be set up 36 sections.
  12. This machine defrosting function: natural defrosting, high safety performance.

Pilot Vacuum freeze dryer (0.4㎡) Parameter

Product Model

ZLGJ-30 Ordinary

Freeze-drying area

0.4 ㎡

Cold Trap Coil Temperature

<-75℃(no load)

Limit Vacuum Degree

Below 10pa(no load)

Pumping rate


Water catch capacity


Cooling Method

Air Cooling

Defrosting Mode

Natural Defrosting

Machine weight


Machine Dimension


Total Power


Material Tray

4pcs, 295x335x30mm

Separator temperature range


Main Power

220VAC 50HZ

Ambient temperature range


Relative Humidity




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