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As a type of thermodynamic separation technology, the equipment can evaporate components with low boiling points by utilizing that the boiling point of each component in the mixed liquid or liquid-solid mixture is different, and then condense the material to separate the whole components. It is the combination of evaporation and condensation unit operations as well as a kind of liquid-liquid separation technology.

Compared to other separation methods, such as extraction, filtration and crystallization, it has the advantage that no other solvents than system components are required, thus ensuring that no new impurities are introduced.

Rotary evaporator and short path distillation are both devices for separating solvents.Short-path distillation is a device used to separate sevaral different solvents from mixtures through evaporation at the same time, while rotary evaporator is used to extract one single solvent from misture. It is widely used in cannabis oil distillation and fractional distillation of cannabinoids.

Working Process

The material should be added from the top of the evaporator and continuously spread to the heating surface through the material covered on the rotor. Then, the scratch film is capable of scratching the material into a thin and flowing liquid film. During this process, the light molecular exceeded the heating surface form the condense liquid on inside condenser without any collision. Then, the molecular flows along the condenser tube, and discharges through the discharge tube on the bottom of the evaporator. The residue liquid (heavy molecule) is collected on the circular channel under the heating zone, and flows through the discharge tube on one side.

Product Parameters

Best Short Path Distillation Kit
Heating Capacity(ml)200050001000020000
Heating Temperature(℃)Room temperature -250
Vaccuum Degree(Mpa)0.098
Working Temperature(℃)5-40
Power/Voltage220V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz380V/50Hz
Package Size450*450*600580*580*735850*850*600

Product Application

The short path distillation can be widely used in all aspects of the national economy, especially suitable for the separation of high boiling point, heat sensitive and easily oxidized materials. Nowadays, the short path distillation has been applied in the following fields successfully:

  • Education.
  • Food: such as refinement of fish oil and high carbon alcohol, deacidification of oils and fats, and separation of mixed oils and fats, etc.
  • Medicine: such as effectively separation of natural active materials as well as purification and production of glucose derivative and natural vitamin A, D, E, B and other substances.
  • Fine chemical: such as purification of aromatic oil purification and polymer intermediate, extraction of lanolin and so on
  • Makeup and other fields.

Product Parts

Seal parts and temperature monitotrs are optional. Distillation has greater efficiency.


Quality stainless steel three-way valve (304/316), with vacuum gauge.

Stainless steel three-way valve
Stainless steel three-way valve

Materials can be extracted continuously during the experiment without pressure relief.

vacuum connection valve
Vacuum connection valve

High-temperature resistant, corrosion resistant, highly intensive and durable.


The temperature monitor is designed to be not able to touch the reaction materials, thus obtaining good protection and good sealing effect.

Temperature bushing
Temperature bushing

In industrial and chemical fields, people always need to extract some solvents or purify some substances. There are several ways to achieve those and short path distillation is one of them. Short path distillation is a technique that removes solvents from mixtures through evaporation. Short path distillation is mainly used for liquid-liquid separation.

Quality Certification

Quality Certification
Quality Certification
packing and delivery
packing and delivery

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Manufacturing Plant, Food & Beverage Factory, Food Shop, Energy & Mining, Food & Beverage Shops

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