What are the usage precautions of the rotary vane vacuum pump?

Rotary vane vacuum pump is a basic equipment for pumping sealing equipment.Lanphan 2XZ Rotary vacuum pump’s pump connects with motor with the advantage of high rotary speed,compact and beautiful in appearance,flowing work is convenient.the service life of Rotary vane vacuum pump can be lengthen with some skills.Now,let’s learn some precautions when using the Rotary vane vacuum.

rotary vane vacuum pump
rotary vane vacuum pump

Usage of the Rotary vane vacuum pump

1. Rotary vane vacuum pump needed to check the oil position.The oil level shall be subject to the oil mark center during the operation of the vacuum pump.

2. Rotary vane vacuum pump should be used to check the quality of oil, oil deterioration should be found in time to replace the new oil to ensure that the vacuum pump work normally.

3.The term of oil changes shall be based on the actual service conditions and whether can meet the performance requirement.In general, it is recommended to change the oil for about 100 hours when the new vacuum pump removes the clean and dry gas.The oil change period can be appropriately extended after the black metal powder is not seen in the oil.

4.Generally,the rotary vane vacuum needed to be maintenance after working for 200 hours to check the aging degree of the rubber seals,check the check whether the exhaust valve disc is cracked, and clean up the dirt precipitated on the valve disc and the exhaust valve seat.Clean the whole vacuum pump chamber parts such as rotor, rotor, spring, etc.It is usually washed and dried with gasoline.Clean the rubber parts and dry with a dry cloth.

5.Precautions for the use of rotary vane vacuum pump to clean the same pipe to ensure that the pipeline smooth.

6.If the Rotary vane vacuum rotary was reassembled,it should be put into trial operation.In general,it need to free-load running for two hours and change oil twice. Because a certain amount of volatile substance will be left in the vacuum pump during cleaning, it shall be put into normal operation after normal operation.

7.Check whether the vacuum pump line and joint are loose.Rotate the vacuum pump by hand to see if it is flexible.

8.Add bearing lubricating oil into the bearing body and observe that the oil level should be at the center line of the oil mark. The lubricating oil should be replaced or supplemented in time.

9.Unscrew the water inlet screw plug of the vacuum pump body for filling water inlet.

10.Close the gate valve of outlet line, outlet pressure gauge and inlet vacuum gauge.

11.Point motor to see whether the motor stirring is correct.

12.turn on the motor, After the normal operation of the vacuum pump, open the outlet pressure gauge and the inlet vacuum pump as they show appropriate pressure, gradually open the gate valve and check the motor load at the same time.

13.as far as to control the flow and lift of the vacuum within the range in order to ensure that the vacuum pump in the highest efficiency point operation to obtain the maximum energy saving effect.

14.Vacuum pump in the process of operation, the bearing temperature cannot exceed the environment temperature 35 ℃, the highest temperature should not exceed 80 ℃.

15.If any abnormal sound is found in the vacuum pump, stop it immediately to check the reason.

16.when stop the use of the vacuum pump to turn off the gate valve firstly and then the pressure gauge and then the motor.

17.Vacuum pump in the first month of work after 100 hours to change the oil, after then every 500 hours to change the oil once.

18.Frequent adjustment of packing gland to ensure that the packing chamber of the normal drip (drip leakage into the appropriate).

19.Regular inspection of the wear of the shaft sleeve, wear should be timely replacement.

20.Vacuum pump in the winter season when the use of parking after the need to pump body lower water plug unscrew the medium to put the net to prevent freezing crack.

21.Vacuum pump out of service for a long time shall be fully disassembled, dry water will rotate parts and joints coated with grease installed.

rotary vane vacuum pump
rotary vane vacuum pump

These above are the precautions of the use of the rotary . .Henan lanphan professional production of various laboratory instruments, a wide range of products are rotary evaporator, glass reactor, magnetic stirrer, electric heat jacket, vacuum pump, refrigeration pump and so on, if you have an inquiry please contact Eail:[email protected]

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