What is vacuum pump working principle

What is vacuum pump working principle

Vacuum pump is supposed to remove gas with high-speed and high-efficiency from sealed containers, in order to achieve the purpose of generating, improving and maintaining vacuum. The working principle of a vacuum pump is that rotor rotates along the inside of the pump wall. The fixed wing will go down. When the rotor reaches the oil surface, air will get compressed. The compressed air pressure is higher than the outside atmospheric pressure and then discharged from the exhaust port.

vacuum pump
vacuum pump

What is the function of vacuum pump

A vacuum pump is always used to provide a vacuum environment in many reacting equipment. The function of vacuum pump is to create a vacuum environment through removing the the molecules of air and other gases from the equipment, and filling the equipment with vacuum. This step always happens in the beginning of the processes, because a vacuum environment is necessary for the whole process.

How does a piston vacuum pump work

In the working process of a piston vacuum pump, the first step is that the piston pushes the air into the cylinder. In this way, vacuum is created at the inlet. The second step is that the piston moves forward to compress the air in the cylinder, and pressure is created at the exhaust vent of the cylinder. Therefore, we talked above is the working process of a piston vacuum pump. And that’s also the process how the air gets out of the system.

vacuum pump
vacuum pump

Vacuum pump system

Vacuum pump system is a combination system that mainly consists of vacuum pump, PLC program control system, air storage tank, vacuum tubes, vacuum valves, filtration. It can be used in lectrician, textile, CNC engraving machine, vacuum forming machine, folding machine, exploding machine, computer, semiconductor application, circuit board, battery, capacitor, binding machine, photoengraving machine, refrigeration air conditioning process vacuum, packaging machine, transformer, optical lens , Automatic injection molding, polyurethane technology, label sticking machine, printing machine, circuit board machine vacuum lifter, vacuum suction cup, printing machine, VCD & DVD disc surface vacuum sputtering, industrial furnace, smelting and heat treatment, metal vacuum coating, vacuum welding , Electron beam welding, vacuum coating, vacuum dry welding, vacuum packaging industry, space simulation, scientific research, hospital negative pressure system, environmental protection industry, electronics industry, laboratory, plastic industry, general machine machinery, glass, marble, metal large Heavy-duty vacuum transportation and other industries.

The advantages and disadvantages of a vacuum pump

Advantages of a vacuum pump:

  1. A vacuum pump has a small appearance, compact structure, and is easy to operate with fluidity.
  2. The structure is simple, and the manufacturing precision is not high. The processing is simple, and the structure is compact.
  3. Equipped with a pump stop and anti-oil return device. It is convenient to start again.
  4. There is a gas ballast valve, which can remove a small amount of water vapor.
  5. An oil mist trap is provided at the exhaust port to avoid environmental pollution.
  6. Can maintain high pumping speed under low pressure.
    Vacuum pump
    Vacuum pump

What is the unit of vacuum

Vacuum unit converter can realize online bar (bar), kilopascal (kPa), hPa, mbar, pascal, standard atmospheric pressure (atm), millimeter mercury (mmHg), pound force Interchange between pressure measurement units such as square feet, inches, millimeters of water, and kilogram-force square centimeters.

Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump

2XZ-6 Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump


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