Vacuum Pump Maintenance, Starting From Daily Life

Vacuum Pump

I believe many people have heard such a sentence: The older generation takes good care of things and repairs them when they wear out; Most of the young people today waste and spoil things, which are changed and then thrown away. This principle can be used in the vacuum pump maintenance as well. It is better to care for the vacuum pump at the very beginning than to use it without any pity and throw it away when it is broken. In this way, it not only saves money, but also meets the requirements of the scientific outlook on development of socialism in the new era. In fact, as long as we pay attention to the use process, we can greatly extend the service life of the vacuum pump.Why not do it? Now follow me to to discover the vacuum pump daily maintenance tips, truly achieve vacuum pump maintenance, from the daily life.

Vacuum Pump
Vacuum Pump

Vacuum Pump Maintenance Points

1. Check periodically whether the oil level is below the oil mark. If it’s below the oil mark, it should be timely refueled. Otherwise it will affect the vacuum pump system. The amount of oil should not be too much, otherwise it will cause starting difficulties, fuel injection and other problems.

2. We should always pay attention to observe whether the vacuum pump is running normally, whether there is any special sound, whether the machine is overloaded, and whether the temperature of the motor vacuum pump is too high.

3. The vacuum pump cooled with water should prevent the cooling water from being interrupted, and the vacuum pump temperature must not exceed 70 degrees.If the ambient temperature is lower than 5 degrees, the cooling water in the vacuum pump should be drained clean after the machine is stopped to prevent the vacuum pump body from freezing and cracking.

4. Vacuum pump should always keep clean, and it can not be placed on other objects.

5. Pay attention to whether the belt is tight or not, and adjust or replace if necessary.

6. Vacuum pump oil should be replaced 1~3 times a year.Mechanical vacuum pumps for vacuum melting may require multiple oil changes per month. This is because the vacuum pump oil is contaminated by ash, moisture or other dirt during the use of the vacuum pump, or saponified and carbonized.This will affect the performance of the vacuum pump, so it is necessary to change the oil regularly according to the specific situation.

(1) Cut off the power supply and remove the vacuum pump from the vacuum system.

(2) Dirty oil is released and collected by gravity or pressure to avoid polluting the environment.

(3) Remove belt, belt pulley product key (double stage rotary vane vacuum pump includes belt).

(4) Remove the low vacuum end, remove the rear end cover, and then remove the low vacuum rotor, rotor and spring, etc.

(5) Remove the front cover and remove the high vacuum rotor, rotor and spring.

(6) Remove sight glass, exhaust valve, exhaust cover, etc.

(7) Clean the removed metal parts thoroughly with gasoline and dehydrate them with alcohol.Parts must be dried after cleaning.

(8) When assembling, first install the rear machine, put the spring and the rotary vane into the rotor, and then put it into the vacuum pump chamber.Install the front end cover, then install the locating pin and tighten the screw evenly and symmetrically.After assembly, ensure flexible and even rotation.After installing the front stage rotor and the rear end cover, install the exhaust valve (the exhaust valve piece should be close to the valve seat) and other parts, such as the gas ballast device.

Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump for University Lab

Vacuum Pump Maintenance Interval according to the User’s Working Environment

Users can adjust the maintenance interval according to the usage, especially in dusty working environment.

1.Daily maintenance needs:Check the vacuum pump oil level and the color of the vacuum pump oil.

2.Weekly maintenance needs:Check the vacuum pump for oil leaks. Use the air gun to clean the dust and debris.

3.Monthly maintenance needs:Check the function of the vacuum pump oil mist separator. If necessary, please replace it.

4.Every six months maintenance needs:Check the vacuum pump chamber for dust, dirt, carbon deposits, if necessary, clean the vacuum pump chamber; clear the vacuum pump fan cover, wind impeller, ventilation grille, cooling fins.

5.Every 500-2000 working hours maintenance needs:Please replace the oil mist separator and vacuum oil, and check the float valve and return pipe.

This above is the whole content of vacuum pump maintenance, starting from daily life. For many years, Henan lanphan industry co., ltd. has been committed to the research and development of experimental instruments and pipe fittings. Our vacuum pumps are of superior quality and competitive price.

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