Short path distillation applications

  What is short path distillation

In industrial and chemical fields, people always need to extract some solvents or purify some substances. There are several ways to achieve those and short path distillation is one of them. Short path distillation is a technique that removes solvents from mixtures through evaporation. Short path distillation is mainly used for liquid-liquid separation.


short path distillation
short path distillation

  Application areas for short-path distillation

Short-path distillation is widely used in various aspects of the national economy, especially for the separation of high boiling point and heat sensitive and easy oxide materials. The application areas are as follows:

1. Distillation and concentration. Short-path distillation techniques are used in natural and synthetic vitamins, wool fatty acids, lanolin, palm oil, rice bran oil, fish oil and cod liver oil, natural plant leaf root extract (such as capsanthin, lycopene, pyrethrin, The application of lecithin, b-carotene, active ingredients of traditional Chinese medicine, etc.

2. Removal of solvent. With the development of new domestic and international standards and the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, the restrictions on solvent residues in chemical raw materials and their products closely related to human beings such as food, medicine, cosmetics and building materials are becoming more and more strict. Traditional distillation methods have been unable to meet the needs of the market, and this type of process often follows the extraction method as the last quality assurance system for green products.

3. Decolorization and deodorization. Typical examples are: organic intermediates, lactic acid, fatty acids and derivatives thereof, APG, epoxy resins, epoxidised oils, vegetable waxes, silicone oils, brake fluids, vacuum pump oils, lubricating oils, paraffin oils, and so on.

4. Preparation/production of high-boiling process materials and determination of boiling range. Short-path distillation technology can achieve distillation separation in a vacuum of 0.001 mbar and a heating time of less than 1 minute, so it is undoubtedly the preferred technology for distillation separation for those heat-sensitive high-boiling substances.

Application areas for short-path distillation
Application areas for short-path distillation

  Short path distillation applications in industry

Short path distillation is a wiped film evaporator with an internal condenser according to its working principle. It is a new type of high-vacuum thin film distillation device and is a high-tech equipment. It is widely used in industrial field, for example: it is suitable for the mild separation, concentration and purification of fatty acids, mono-, diglycerides, animal and vegetable oils, antioxidants, fatty alcohols, sterols and retinoses.

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