How does the Short-Path Distillation Work

Short path distillation
Short-Path Distillation

Introduction to the Short-Path Distillation

The short-path distillation is one of the most high-efficiency distillation techniques, which can solve the problem that conventional distillation technology can’t. It is widely used in food, medicine, fine chemicals, electronic materials, plastic engineering and polymers (such as polyols, fatty acids, polyphenols, polyurethane, epoxy resins, lactic acid, monoglycerides, flavors, heavy oils and paraffin oils) and other field.

It can achieve “liquid-liquid” separation at a temperature much lower than the boiling point of liquid, according to the difference of the average free path of molecular motion. It is especially suitable for separation and purification of materials with high boiling point, heat sensitivity and easy oxidation.

How does the Short-Path Distillation Work?

1. Molecules diffuse from the liquid phase to the evaporation surface:

The beginning of the short path distillation’s working is from evaporation flask. Sample will be placed in the evaporation flask and be heated by the heating mantle. The temperature that heating mantle provides can be adjusted according to the boiling points of different solvents.

2. Free evaporation of molecules on the liquid surface:

The evaporation speed of solvents can be changed by the heating temperature. Besides, the stability of sample solvents is also an important factor influencing the evaporation speed.

3. Molecules fly from the evaporation to the condensation surface:

The extracted gas-phase solvents will be transferred along a short distance, and be condensed along this distance. During this process, gas-phase solvents will be cooled down by the condensing part and turned into liquid-phase solvents.

4. Solvents will be collected in the receiving flask:

After gas-phase solvents being turned into liquid-phase solvents, it will be transferred into receiving flask and be collected efficiently. Collecting extracted solvents in the receiving flask is very convenient for users to get.

In the whole working process of short path distillation, there are always vacuum pump providing vacuum and condensing part turning gas-phase solvents into liquid-phase solvents.

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